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Temple of the Cosmic Heart

Temple of the Cosmic Heart


WE DID IT!  We accomplished our sacred mission. The Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13 has confirmed this. The Lemurian City of Light has been anchored as well as the Temple of the Cosmic Heart. This process will continue to occur through us and the energy continues to flow through the grid system around, upon and within the earth. There are many groups that are working with earth activations and with anchoring and activating Lemurian energies. All our different acts of Service complement each other and help to anchor our new golden age. I, SanRa Mecanta Lash Tei, am so grateful to be a part of this with you and with all the Light Masters on the planet.


“This is one of the largest undertakings of anchoring divine light on the planet for hundreds of thousands of your earth years.”
Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13


If you are new to this website, in November of 2019, 33 live participants and over 50 remote participants all over the world joined together to anchor these sacred energies on Norfolk Island, a small island in the South Pacific east of Australia and North of New Zealand. Early in 2019, I was guided to facilitate a group to anchor the Lemurian City of Light and the Temple of the Cosmic Heart on Norfolk Island. Our group was there for 7 days in November doing sacred ceremony, meditating, singing sacred Lemurian songs, honoring the earth and the waters, activating earth’s grid system, and generally offering ourselves up in Service to anchoring and activation. It was centered in Norfolk Island, yet had great influence in anchoring the light all over our beloved planet earth.


Below, please see a brief synopsis of what we did each day we were there.



SanRa Mecanta Lash Tei Leading Sing-a-long

Participants arrived and we had a delightful concert with SanRa leading Lemurian songs and chants, while participants sang along whenever possible. It was so much fun to be together physically, and to sing songs together that we knew from Lemuria. After this, we had a delicious vegan dinner together and began to get re-acquainted. It was the beginning of a wonderful reunion with our Lemurian sisters and brothers,



SanRa Feeling the Energy Mt Pitt

We had a successful day today. We had a bus tour of the island and were able to tune in to the various energies. We had lunch together and then the afternoon was free.  We met after dinner and had a wonderful group initiation, which included an awakening of a sacred geometrical chamber. This allowed us to go and do a ceremony right afterward to help balance the earth and cosmos. We went up to Mt. Pitt to do this at night under the moon and stars and trees. Everyone joined in with their own more empowered energies as the Lemurian Priestesses and Priests that we are. Balance of all energies was so important in Lemuria. In Lemuria we kept the balance; now we are using Lemurian ceremonies to return to balance. We felt the waters, the earth, the inner earth beings of light and so much more.

Lone Pine at Emily Bay



Fig Tree at 100 Acres Reserve

I am so excited about our day today! We anchored one of the chambers of the Temple of the Cosmic Heart!!  

We went to the wonderful 100 Acres National Park. Such beautiful trees. There were Norfolk Pines, and a huge and wondrous type of fig tree, plus so many others kinds of subtropical trees.  We wandered around independently for a bit, gathering energy and then joined together in a circle. Just like I felt last night in the forest, I again felt the inter-dimensional qualities within the circle. Many others reported the same. We sang the song of balance, Ho Na Sha Na Lei Na Ha, and did some sacred movements. Each person brought their own abilities and encodements into the circle. We are feeling our power and confidence building as we continue our work here. 

This chamber of the Temple of the Cosmic Heart will continue to expand so the other chambers will become activated and anchored. We can access this chamber any time. I also saw the Lemurian Healing Chamber, but instead of a double pyramid (One pointing up and one pointing down ), there were two cone shapes . Much more fluid, and HUGE. I am so thrilled and gratified.



Line ceremony at Rocky Point. SanRa in purple

Today was quite a day, being 11:11. We went to a place called Rocky Point. It is just that, a rocky point high over the ocean with a fantastic view of the ocean and the small island called Phillip island. Phillip island has quite a profound multidimensional energy. I have seen that it has a “hub” of energetic lines going outward from it in all directions through the earth grid system to reach the entire planet. As all of us were in a line on the path, we connected with the network or hub of Phillip Island and activated the grid system further. I cannot quite explain the power, an electrical energy, but more than that. It was extremely windy so I honor everyone there for being with these difficult conditions to accomplish our Service work. 

I was told that we began anchoring the Lemurian City of Light today. Yay!!!!! We have much more to do, but I could feel the points anchoring along the line upon which we stood. I felt the remote group’s energy more strongly than ever today.

Right after this, we went to a lower grassy place in the same area. As we all stood in 1 circle, the 3 men in the group formed a triangle as we were all in the circle (The men were part of the circle, but were positioned in the circle to form a triangle). A clockwise flow of the men’s triangle and concurrently a counterclockwise flow of the women really gave us powerful balancing of feminine and masculine energy, which we extended out into all humanity.

Our second stop was a place on private land that we got permission to e

Location of Figure 8 Ceremony.

nter. It is just a small place, but vibrant with elemental and Deva energy. We stood in a figure 8 and allowed ourselves to be an offering to the energies there. We also felt a nice balance of energy; a nice balance of giving and receiving also. Everyone just felt so good there. We felt gratitude, sang the song of gratitude (Ha Luna Ha) and the song to integrate the higher vibrational energies (Heeya La Mo Na Ha). Still very windy, but we had some protection in our valley type location.

Finally, we went to Emily Bay, a swimming beach (safe from sharks).  I was told this place is a Temple of Rejuvenation, which was much needed, as we were all pretty tired. We walked on the beach, waded in the ocean, laid on the grass. So beautiful here. I could feel the ground vibrating. A very intense day, and very fulfilling.


11-12-19 Full Moon

Anson Bay

We went to a place called Anson Bay. For me, this place holds the most energy of Lemuria that I have felt on the island. It is a reserve (picnic spot) on the top, and you can walk down to the beach on a winding path. Takes about 15 minutes. it is a small beach and not at all crowded. Our group was the only 1 there. The water is a beautiful crystal larimar blue.  The rock formation that we held our circle in is truly a portal, with the waves lapping at out feet. We were told our ceremony was one of joy and we moved and sang and walked in the water. We had a bit of a movement holding hands in a line as we moved in a circular, wavy motion. Later one of the group members heard that we had activated the chamber of joy and rejuvenation in the Temple of the Cosmic Heart. How exciting! We all felt very cleansed and free when we were done, much lighter.  Part of the group stayed on top to be with the energies there and and both groups felt connected.

Anson Bay

We had a break and being the full moon, we went back to Mt. Pitt in the evening and allowed the full moon to wash over us while we stood under the beautiful trees. This was an evening of initiation and we all felt blessed. Then the local participants nurtured us with tea to keep us warm as we visited under the beautiful starlit sky. Later, we heard from one of the participant’s daughters that they could see an illuminated dome of light over Mt. Pitt, while we were there. We were all amazed and delighted for confirmation that we had a positive effect.



Phillip Island from Bumbora Bay

We went to Captain Cook reserve and had lunch (Our caterer, Bindi, gives us the very best vegan food!). Another very beautiful spot over the ocean. Then we went to a place called Bumbora Reserve. I was told ahead of time this had a strong energy of harmony. We sang the harmony chant (Hua Lan Yay). Here we felt such healing and we received and received. It was truly wonderful. Again, beautiful blue water and wonderful big black rocks that we sat on as the water washed over our feet.

Our final stop was called Flagstaff, privately owned land by one of our local group members. Such a beautiful place high above the ocean, with quite a view of Phillip Island and the ocean. It is very powerful and filled with light. We all worked independently and, although there was much variety in what we did and felt, many of us felt spaceship activity there.

Phillip Island

I am being shown that we continue to anchor the Lemurian City of Light. At Phillip Island, we felt an underground city. It is activating and the Lemurian/Cosmic City of Light is joining with it, anchoring to it. So glad we are all doing this together. 




11-14-19 Final day together

Ball Bay

Today was our final day being physically together. First we went to Ball Bay. This bay has been closed to the public on and off during our stay because of barges landing to bring supplies from Australia for airport repairs. We thought it would still be closed, but at the last minute we discovered it was open. A few trucks were working there, but we were able to get through. We did a lovely meditation on the beach in a line formation facing the ocean. We each received an energetic imprint as I touched each participant’s back of the heart. This imprint was from our star sisters and brothers and will continue to grow and deepen within us. A very special gift that I cannot describe adequately.

On the beach, we held hands in our line and walked around to form a close spiral with our bodies. I was first in line and so was in the middle, as the rest of the line walked around and around me. It felt like we were each a petal of a grand sacred flower. When we finished chanting OM, the people on the outside of the spiral walked back up the hill as the flower/spiral we had formed unwound, unfolding the energies. We were still holding hands all the way up the hill to extend the energies and formed the sacred flower spiral again as we chanted OM. It was a bit tricky to accomplish this (as you can imagine), yet such a beautiful formation and flow of sacred energy. There were a few other people on the beach and I can only imagine what they were thinking about all of us.

Norfolk Pine Tree

From there, we piled into the cars and vans and went to a reserve called Two Chimneys to eat another delicious lunch. This is a very sweet and calm energy that overlooks the ocean from above. It is filled with beautiful Norfolk Pines, flowers and an amazing variety of birds, which have often “joined in” with our energy ceremonies in many places on the island. We had a circle here and I realized just how much we had all grown and continued to move into our spiritual power, trusting ourselves more and more with what we have to offer.

At our final destination for our daytime activities, we arrived at Cemetery Bay. We were there to activate a portal that the islanders have been working with previous to our arrival. It somehow connects with the energies in Ball Bay (our first stop this morning). We stood silently in a circle under the beautiful and majestic Norfolk Pines, mostly protected from a soft rain. When we felt complete, we left and had a little free time until we met later for our final circle.

In our final circle for the entire event, we had a channelling from the Priestesses, telling us we had accomplished our “sacred mission”. We were told to trust ourselves, let go of doubts about spiritual abilities and we were given words and energies of gratitude. We were told we would not be the same as we returned home. I tell you now that those physically participating and those participating remotely have all changed, grown, transformed and I am so grateful to all of you for stepping forth in your commitment and dedication to offer yourselves in Service. Namaste beloved sisters and brothers of the Light.



WE DID IT!  We accomplished our sacred mission. The Priestesses have confirmed this. The Lemurian/Cosmic City of Light has been anchored as well as the Temple of the Cosmic Heart. This process will continue to occur through us and the energy continues to flow through the grid system around, upon and within the earth. There are many groups that are working with earth activations and with anchoring and activating Lemurian energies. All our different acts of Service complement each other and help to anchor our new golden age. I am so grateful to be a part of this with you and with all the Light Masters on the planet.

As we said goodbye at the airport on Friday, the 15th,  I saw an arc of light from each of us, as we each went to our next destinations or as we each went home. These arcs of light that we are, are spreading over the entire planet. It is beautiful to behold and beautiful to know we have participated and been successful in such a great undertaking. This anchoring of the light will continue as our group works together in the higher aspects of our Selves.  Thank you, Beloved Hearts. La Te Na. We Are One.

Abounding Blessings of Light to all who have participated in person, remotely, our Guides, those joining other-dimensionally, the island, the earth, the nature spirits, the trees, the birds, the animal, the waters, everyone. Abounding blessings and love.


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How did this come about:

I, SanRa Mecanta Lash Tei, Priestess of the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13 (LP13) had been having conversations with each of the other Priestesses in the Circle. On 12-12 in 2018, the Temple of the Cosmic Heart was mentioned. I do not always remember these conversations, as I am in an altered state. Later on that very same day, I had a client from Norfolk Island. During that session, The Priestesses told us that the Temple of the Cosmic Heart was on Norfolk Island and needed to be anchored. I am not always fully aware of what is being said in these channeled sessions, but I remember having a vague feeling that I had heard about the Temple of the Cosmic Heart earlier that morning in my conversation with the Priestesses. Lo and behold, when I looked at my notes from my morning conversation, I saw that it was exactly the same Temple. What a revelation! My body tingled. My whole being knew that something huge and profound was happening. 

Later, I realized that the Temple of the Cosmic Heart was part of a City of Light. This made sense with the visions I was having of beautiful, illuminated lights and etheric inhabitants. The City of Light has many chambers within it where star and cosmic beings can anchor their energy on earth. The Temple of the Cosmic Heart is in one of those chambers. With continued guidance from the LP13 and other cosmic beings of light, plans are being made for the anchoring and activation of the Lemurian City of Light and the Temple of the Cosmic Heart.

Remember, this is not a new temple; it has been present since Lemuria and we are actually re-anchoring it. We have been there before. Can you feel it? Perhaps you are beginning to remember. 

Our Intentions Fulfilled:

* Assisted in the re-emergenceof Lemuria on the planet

* Empowered the sacred feminine to be in balance on earth and in ourselves

* Further fulfilling our collective human destiny as encoded within us from Lemurian times

* Created a network of light all around the planet to help anchor our new golden age

* Raised the vibration of collective humanity and our beloved earth to the 5th dimension, possibly higher

* Anchored peace, harmony, beauty, love, abundance for earth and all upon her

I am absolutely honored and gratified to have facilitated this event with all who participated on our earth realm and all other realms. We have answered the Call, worked together and fulfilled our individual and group mission. Receive the many blessings being offered for our dedication and commitment to the Light. Namaste dear sisters and brothers.

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