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Activate Celestial Blueprints for Evolution

Evolve beyond your Homo Sapien human into your Homo Luminous human

You have heard many times that we are spiritual beings in human bodies. This has never been more true. As we activate, integrate and synchronize the celestial blueprints of our soul, our I AM, our Logos, and our cosmic bodies, we move into our Homo Luminous essence.

This is quite an intricate process and I am thrilled to be facilitating as so many Beings of Light will guide us and uplift us into our next evolutionary cycle, our new golden age, and our happiness and freedom in our purposeful intention of Service to Self, Humanity and Earth. We are guided by masters, angels, star beings, and the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13 in this interstellar process.

This assists us in bringing together all of the previously untapped aspects of our Being in coordination with our DNA, cellular structure, and our electrons. We will discover how to release our third dimensional paradigm fully and move into our higher fifth, sixth and seventh dimensional existences.

It would not be possible for these many masters to assist us if we had not already attained such a high degree of consciousness and frequency. We are the forerunners, and are opening the gateways to others through our very evolution. It is quite an honor to be asked to participate. I hope you feel the love that the Masters extend to us with this invitation. I feel quite humbled, and in awe of what is being offered to us.

What is offered in this 5 part pre-recorded series:

  • Restoration of encodements and crystalline keys to finally move beyond separation into oneness and synthesis
  • Upliftment, activation, synchronization, explanation of our many inner celestial blueprints for our continued evolution
  • Life-changing transformation from our 3d matrix up through our 7D matrix
  • Detailed explanation of higher 5th, 6th 7th dimensional realities and how to live from these in our lives now
  • Divine blessings as we are allowed access into Shamballa and it’s equivalents up through the universal levels and beyond
  • Special dispensation from the Avatar of Synthesis never before available to us


 “Thank you for channeling this Wondrous Loving energy/information”. JP, CA

 “What a DELIGHTFUL ceremonial  transmission! The energy was different than anything I have experienced ever before. Really gives a wonderful uplifted feeling! I held my lavender quartz crystal skull and it responded by becoming very warm and feeling more fluid. Thank you again so much and how grateful I am to grow and be of service in this deep surrendering connection”. BV, Netherlands

 “That was incredible…so much light! Thank you” !!! DS, WI

 Included in Package 1:

  • 5 pre-recorded, 60 minute channeled Blueprint sessions

Included in Package 2:

  • 5 pre-recorded, 60 minute channeled Blueprint sessions
  • 1 individual Blueprint session. These individual sessions give much more clarity about who you are and how you can express that in your life. It is for many like a higher octave of your life purpose. They have been quite profound.

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 and the Spring Holy Days of 2023


No cost is too great to pay in order to be of use to the Hierarchy at the time of the Full Moon of Wesak; no price is too high in order to gain spiritual illumination which can be possible, particularly at that time.” Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, aka The Tibetan (Discipleship in the New Age, Alice Bailey).


At the exact moment of the Taurus full moon of Wesak, the Light of the Cosmos is transmitted through the eye of Taurus, the star Aldebaran, to humanity. In this moment, we realize our Divinity as we exist in our physical bodies. During Wesak, we are exposed to the greatest light of any day of the year, a day of initiation.


We will celebrate all 3 of these holy days with ceremony, guided meditation, chanting and great joy!


  The Festival of Resurrection, celebrated  in April, is a time for purification in preparation for Wesak.  We can let go of old patterns and prepare for new beginnings as we are uplifted by the resurrection energy.


The Wesak Festival, celebrated in May, is a time of great initiation and an opportunity for immense acceleration on our ascension paths.


The Festival of Humanity, celebrated in June, is the time when we can Serve by helping to spread the energy we received during Wesak to the masses of humanity.


As we come together in ceremony at this deeply spiritual time, we are catapulted forward on our spiritual paths. I so hope you will join us.


Dates: April 5th – May 5th – June 3rd. Series of 3. 
Time: 11:00am MOUNTAIN TIME
Cost: $99. 

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Package A
Deep realization and activation of our Sacred Feminine empowerment
by SanRa and the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13
Pre-recorded series of 3. 60 minutes each.

In this series, we receive the initiations we need to activate and revel in our Feminine power. We increase our worthiness and courage to express our Feminine power, which we have been afraid of for far too long. We accept the sacredness of our power as women living from our Divine Feminine energy.

The Feminine transformational energies that we have within our bodies and psyches are needed now! Join us and come alive in your Feminine power!

Guided by Lemiurian Priestess Circle of 13, Lady Portia, Lady Venus, Sophia, the Seraphina, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Grandmother Anna, Isis, Inanna, Brigid and more.

 Session 1

*Initiation of our Sacred Yoni.
*Re-sanctification, re-vitalization, purification
*Clearing  and alchemical transmutation of feminine organs
*Restoration of safety, empowerment, expression, worthiness
*Honor sacred gateway of the Temple of the Feminine


Session 2

*Initiation of Feminine cauldron of transformation
*Receive Flame of Compassion and Inclusion
*Alchemical cosmic process of holy fire for resurrection and transfiguration
*Awaken spiritual creative power
*Merge with womb of Sophia


Session 3

*Initiation of Sacred Feminine Fire
*Emergence of ecstatic, primordial Feminine
*Receive silver pink flame of the Feminine
*Re-activate ancient temples of Feminine energy
*Encompass entire earth with powerful vortex of feminine energy

Package B
All of Package A plus an individual session with SanRa to heal, uplift and clear insecurities, fears, blocks or traumas that exist within your body, chakras and psyche regarding your Feminine power and expression.

Testimonials for this series

“This is a healing I have waited for my whole life. I couldn’t have moved forward without it. My heart has softened.  I also have felt a higher love, an increase in my compassion. What a gift you are to our world. Thank you.”

“This was magical. It was one of the most miraculous sessions I have had in this lifetime. I am deeply grateful.”
S.C. New Hampshire, US

“I enjoyed it. It was absolutely wonderful. Quite a sense of freedom.”
J.E. New York, US







We will create, cross and anchor this magnificent cosmic bridge of the ultra- illumined light of our new golden age. Series of 3.


The blazing radiance of this multi-dimensional, cosmic bridge, created from the energy of our own cosmic aspects of Self, will release and make available the energies necessary for the next level of anchoring the new golden age on earth in 2023. Using our uplifted potential of 2022, we are propelled forth to greater and greater elevation of our brilliant capacity in the light.


I invite you to join us with your unique offering of Self to take our next wondrous steps in the manifestation of our victorious light on earth. We have been waiting for so long to flow together again in this way and the time is NOW. We come together as one with the Masters and our star sisters and brothers for our greatest Service in the Light! Take your place!


A multitude of Light Beings will assist us in the creation, crossing, and anchoring of this bridge from our great growth of unlimited potential in 2022 to the manifestation of our magnificent heightened energies into 2023.


I so hope you will join us for this wondrous and powerful series of 3 channelled group sessions.\


12-12-22. We will create the bridge with our own I AM PRESENCES and the help of Melchizedek, the HoKashaTa Miliew (Omniversal Masters), and many other Beings of Light.


12-21-22 (solstice). We will cross the bridge with our own I AM PRESENCES in a greater light potential than ever before. Assisting us will be The Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13, the Star Betelgeuse and, select Arcturian Masters.


1-11-23. We will anchor the incredible light energy for our new golden age with our own I AM PRESENCES and the help of our earth Masters, Masters from other planets, Lady Venus, Lady Ho-An (our feminine solar logos) and many others.


OFFERED BY: SanRa Mecanta Lash Tei

DATES: 12-12-22 and 12-21-22 and 1-11-23 (series of 3). RECORDINGS PROVIDED.

TIME: 11:00am MOUNTAIN TIME on each date

COST: $99.

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You will receive the Zoom link the day before each event.


All my love as we flow together in the Light.


 SanRa Mecanta Lash Tei





These are the recordings of the retreat that I offered in Williams, OR in July 2022. It was such an amazing time. There were 12 of us in attendance, but we sure accomplished a lot with activating Telosian portals, purifying Earth’s waters through the creek waters on the property, anchoring the Temple of the Cosmic Heart, and more fully awakening our own cosmic, divine , Telosian, Lemurian nature.

All 8 sessions took place outside. We were so grateful for the wonderful weather. 4 of the sessions were channeled by Adama and the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13. These are the sessions that were recorded and you can see the descriptions below. Included in the other 4 were 2 sessions where we worked with the creek on the property, giving blessings. We offered selenite crystals into the water to raise the frequency as it flowed to other waterways. We participated in a Blessing Circle, where we each took turns in the center receiving blessings from each other. That was very moving. And we circled the beautiful ancient tree with our loving energy and adorned it with rose petals, crystals, feathers and more. We felt refreshed and uplifted after our 2 days together.

I am so delighted to offer these recordings so that you can also receive the blessings, love, and heightened frequency of the Cosmic, Lemurian and Telosian energies coming to us. I feel very blessed to have offered and been a part of this beautiful and magical gathering.


RECORDINGS DESCRIPTION: These are the highlights, but so much more was offered. Each recording is about an hour long.


Adama.Telosian Guides
*Temple of the Cosmic Heart anchoring
*Receive Pleiadian stargate in our chakras
*Elevation in frequency of emotional and mental bodies
*Meet our assigned Telosian guides

Lemurian Priestesses. Beauty
*Telosian guides reflect to you your immense beauty
*2 brand new Lemurian songs of beauty and of reverence for nature
*Healing fear of being seen
*Seed of beauty from divine masculine
*Doors of beauty opening in your heart

Telosian Ambassadors
*Receive rainbow rays of light from Telos
*Initiation as human ambassador of Telos
*Receive Sacred Flame of Telos
*Move into higher frequencies of activated Telosian Portals

Adama. Telos Q & A
*Learn more about how Telos functions in medical, food, education, family, social structure
*Quotes from Adama during the Q & A.
“Many of your inspiring ideas come from your visits to Telos.”
“We (in Telos) are not retaining individuality that holds us within ego.”
“This is within your grasp to no longer have physical disease.”
“There is no fear, as Telosians. We are in the joyful energy.”


I so hope you will take advantage of these amazing energies offered to uplift, expand, awaken and blossom into the beautiful and Divine beings that you already are. All my love to you. SanRa Mecanta Lash Tei


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Lemurian Telos connection on Sacred Land

The In Person Event is over, but enjoy reading about it.


Telosian portals, Pleiadian stargate, Temple of the Cosmic Heart, and more on sacred land in Williams, OR, just 118 miles north of Mt. Shasta. We invite you to a small gathering, which will include live channellngs, from Adama of Telos and Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13, through SanRa. 

We will walk on the land and receive activations for ourselves, while assisting the further awakening of the Telosian portals and the cosmic energies on the land itself.  We will expand the connection with Telos, bringing Telosian/Lemurian energy up to the surface and sending our loving energy into Telos. 


Invitation from Tena, steward and owner of the land: 

“I’ve been involved with this land for many years.  When my dear friend crossed over in May 2020, he handed it on to me, to be the new steward.  He’d had a vision for it that he wasn’t able to realize, but he planted the seeds.  Soon after he passed, Adama of Telos began guiding me about this land, helping me to understand its’ sacredness and potential.  This workshop will be an opportunity to add our energies to this potential, to be of service to the land and what’s unfolding there, and to experience the beauty of it’s vibration, and the cosmic energies present there. Blessings to you for considering joining in this work. Adama told me “The land was given to you as a portal of light.” 

During a channeling I received from Cynthia Charis, she saw “effervescent, brilliant, rainbow-like portals opening up.” I cannot wait to share this with you.”  Love, Tena


Message from Adama through Tena:

This is a special place, sanctified, sacred.  There is a glorious future here to unfold, in time.  I will join you, and fully participate in this gathering, as will other Telosians.  We’re in great gratitude that you are willing to do this work, to open these portals, for a stronger connection with Telos. I’m delighted that things are progressing on the land. 

It is with many blessings to you all; it is with many blessings that I invite you to join us, here, as the sacred destiny of this land unfolds before us.  Namaste beloveds.”  Adama


NOTE: This event takes place right after the Mt. Shasta event that I will be speaking at, AWAKENING LEMURIA, so it would be very easy to do both if you feel called. lauriereyon.com.


If you are doing both, you might want to check out flights at Medford, OR. It is 88 miles from Mt. Shasta and 31 miles from Willams, OR.


Facilitated by: SanRa and Tena
Dates: July 3rd and 4th, 10:00am to 5:00pm each day|
Location: Williams, OR (exact address revealed when you register). Check out airport in note above.
Lodgings: Hotels and airbnbs in the area. Williams, Murphy, Grants Pass, perhaps lodgings on nearby land. More to come when you register.
Food: There are grocery stores, cafes and restaurants nearby, organic available. If we share any meals together on the land, we will all share the cost.

Other info: It is very rustic. We will be using a clean outhouse on the land. There may be ticks, so bring repellant. (We will be holding such a high vibration, I don’t think this will be a problem). We will be walking the property, but no steep hills.


I so hope you will join us for this beautiful opportunity.



Lemurian DNA Activation Series

SanRa and the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13

3-part series (60 minutes each)


Lemurian DNA is being activated now in this present time on Earth in those that are ready for their Lemurian essence to be further awakened. In this process, Star DNA will also be activated. All inner workings and physical and etheric processes of the DNA will be addressed. In this series, the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13 will use sacred sound, sacred geometrical energies, photonic light, channeled wisdom and silence to assist in your Lemurian DNA activation of the 12 strands through the 144 strands. Included will be DNA purification, restoration and  activation so that a thorough, deep and powerful experience will be yours to assist in the sacred process of the continued awakening of your Lemurian wisdom and Presence in your current life on earth.



This includes, but is not limited to: generational DNA clearing, waves of purification, deeper heart opening, higher DNA blueprint integration, purification and stabilization of emotional and thought patterns.



This includes, but is not limited to: individual DNA Matrix activation, Lemurian timeline integration and awakening, DNA heart pulsing, increased inner communication, reconnection of Star and Lemurian DNA, restoration of damage done to DNA.



This includes, but is not limited to: collective DNA Matrix activation, yin and yang integration in DNA, 144 strand timeline integration, activation of DNA light and colors, integration and synchronization of continued process of Lemurian and Star DNA activation.


This series is a very deep and dynamic process of DNA activation, restoration and purification, which will continue as guided by your I AM Presence and your Lemurian essence. 


$99  Order Now 







“The endocrine workshop is so powerful. I sleep better and I have received higher insight. What a gift to our world.” UMS, NM, US

“I feel so much more stable in my energy field and in my chakras after listening to this series and singing the tones. Thank you so much, SanRa.” SM, NM, US

“This was marvelous!  I love singing the tones. I feel this series has helped prepare me to step into the next level of my spiritual work. I am so grateful. Thank you, SanRa.” LB, CA, US

This is a series of 4  PRE-RECORDED sessions (plus a short Introductory recording) channeled by the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13 featuring new information and energy to upgrade from your human glandular system to your cosmic endocrine system.


You will receive encoded energies from the Priestesses to activate the higher cosmic energies that have been dormant in your endocrine system. Much of this will be done with sacred sounds and encoded beams of energy from the Priestesses through SanRa. Each gland has been given a specific Lemurian tone, which will be sung to you.


The Priestesses will offer amazing channelled energy and information about your cosmic endocrine system. This will bring forth your enhanced ability to communicate with the cosmos through the greater flow of light in your body!


Specific glands will be activated each session, so all 10 glands will be covered (pineal, hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, thymus, pancreas, adrenals, ovaries, testes). We will provide integration of the new cosmic endocrine system through the glands and the entire body and energy system.


This promises to be an exhilarating experience that will assist your multi-dimensionality, your ability to flow more light through your body, and your process of growth and ascension into the magnificent cosmic being of light and love that you are.


Included are: 

  • 4 channeled recordings (each 60 minutes, plus a short Introductory recording)
  • recording of 10 Lemurian endocrine gland tones
  • 2 PDF’s, 1 with the written tones and the other with a graphic of the endocrine system in your body.

$144.00  Order Now



Spiritual Cosmology Class


I am so excited to offer you this Spiritual Cosmology class in 2022. It will offer us little known facts from the hierarchy of earth, up through the cosmic hierarchies and the formless realms. We will receive information that has not been revealed previously. And we will be given current information about the cosmic energies and how they are affecting us.


This will be a combination of SanRa speaking from her Lemurian Priestess Self and her role as Lady of Betelgeuse, as well as channeled information from Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, the Lemurian Priestesses and other Light Beings.  We will also receive activations and upliftments.


In this class format, an expanse of information and energy will be offered.

The dates were chosen for their numerological significance to enhance our experience.


I so hope you will join us! I can already feel the power of this energy. 



COST: $155  Order Now





New Cosmic Solar Cycle

(3) 1 hour segments 


“Your solstice energy of 2021 not only heralds a new year for earth, but the shift into a new cycle in the solar system.” (both summer and winter solstices, so both hemispheres are included).  Quoted from the Solar Logos in SanRa’s Column of Light group on 9-23-21. This allows for upliftment of the entire solar system and all planets and all life forms within our solar system.


This is very exciting to be invited to prepare for this great shift in our solar system. In my Column of Light group, which has been a closed group for 3 years, Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, the Solar Logos, Melchior, Melchizedek, and others have been revealing to us the mysteries of the many levels of creation. Now they have expanded the group so more can participate and offer their gifts for the imminent shift of our solar system into a new cycle.


As ascended humans and those on the path to ascension, we have a part to play in our sun’s shift. 11-11-21 and 12-12-21 hold energies to help us prepare to take our places on the actual date of this grand solar event, which is 12-21-21. Earth and humanity, all planets in our solar system, and many other comic beings will be working together to help our sun’s upliftment, and of course our own upliftment, as we are part of the solar system. What an honor to be involved in this event!


Each date will provide specific channellings from the above Beings to help us prepare to take our places in this transformational solar event on the solstice in December. I so look forward to serving with you all!


Cost: $66.00   Order Now





With SanRa and the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13

(3) 1-hour pre-recorded sessions


We will work with ancestral feminine energies through matrilineal family lines, spiritual traditions, mystery schools, blood lineage, religion, and DNA.

We will clear outdated beliefs, corrupted imprinted beliefs and trauma within the Feminine psyche and the physical body.

We will restore the essence of the Feminine so that we, as women, may feel spiritually confident and able to live from and express our Feminine knowing with ease and grace.

Lemurian Priestesses will offer extensive use of sacred sound to purify and activate.

Trust yourself to become the illuminated Feminine Spirit that you already are!


Session 1: Focus on highest soul purpose of ancestral lines activated beyond time and space. Activate and clear blood lines, DNA, ovaries, rebirthing.

Session 2: Activate and purify mystery school lineages in Egypt, Asia, Tibet, Druid, Avalon, Christianity. Powerful clearing of collective feminine throat chakra.

Session 3: Activate and purify spiritual traditions of Lemuria, Atlantis, Star Nation, tribal energies, whale and dolphin wisdom.


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 I am thrilled to offer the ANCHORING EARTH’S NEW GOLDEN AGE group. 

This was channelled by SanRa and the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13 to help us prepare for and anchor our golden age on earth.

It was an ongoing series beginning this December 2020 with the final session next December 2021. 13 months. This holds so much relevant energy and timeless Lemurian and cosmic wisdom.

What did we do in this group?


  • Activate the new Feminine grid system on Earth
  • Open and activate the Temple of the Cosmic Heart in your heart and on Earth
  • Enhance your personal grid system
  • Further activate your DNA
  • Anchor Lemurian Cities of Light on Earth
  • Awaken your soul and monadic purpose
  • Move forward on your ascension path
  • *ncrease your light quotient
  • Be of service to Galactic Heart
  • Activate Lemurian and cosmic encodements needed on earth now  

In many ways, this is a continuation of the Temple of the Cosmic Heart/Lemurian Cities of Light group that was completed in October, 2020. I was told there were thousands of Souls that were offering their needed encodements and so I am opening the group to people that did not join in October. 


We created a new Feminine Grid system that we will continue to activate. This is needed for the anchoring of the Golden Age. So exciting! There was so much more offered for our spiritual growth and our service work with the Temple of the Cosmic Heart and the Lemurian Cities of Light and the Cosmic Forces of Light. We are so needed and so honored by the guiding forces of earth and all of the cosmos. I cannot wait to begin! Or maybe I should say continue what we started eons ago.




Original cost was $267, now 1/2 price of $133. 

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This is a series of 12 channeled sessions (60 minutes each) by the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13 featuring journeys into LEMURIAN SACRED TEMPLES. This series was offered 3 years ago, and I have been guided to offer it again at a discount. These Temple energies are absolutely vital for us now and for anchoring the new golden age.


Lemurian sacred temples still exist upon the planet in different dimensional realities than in Lemurian times. The energetic mechanism that allows them to awaken again now has been activated. You may have been feeling this already because the energy of the sacred temples also exists in your cells and chakras from your time on Lemuria. The treasures you hold for Self and Service will be unlocked and made available to you through these journeys into the Lemurian Sacred Temples.

There are earth temples, star temples, cosmic temples, temples of the sacred flames, temples of initiation, and many more. Many of us have tended these temples and the sacred energies they hold. Now that we are opening more fully to our Lemurian and cosmic heritage and wisdom, we are again able to deeply access the energies of these sacred temples. Please join us for these magnificent Lemurian Temple energies!

Discount package price $111.00 (original price $254)  Order Now






 Live Group Session

(A Sacred Gathering for Women Only)



We are the Feminine Force of Light and transformation! We enter the cauldron of our own sacred feminine power and live from this enlightened power now and forevermore!


In this 3-hour sacred gathering time, we come together to strengthen our feminine essence, mind, body and spirit. We honor ourselves as we step back into the exalted status of our deep and sacred Feminine.

With the help of the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13, we activate the feminine keys of light we hold within our blood, DNA and chakras: from Lemuria, from Avalon, from the stars. We release them into the Earth Feminine Grid System to help elevate all Life on earth.

We are needed and it is time for us to step forth in our divine feminine essence. We are way-showers, re-opening the sacred ways of flow, transformation, creation and deep inner wisdom of the Feminine.

We are safe and it is time to reclaim that safety within. We no longer identify with our perceived weakness, powerlessness, fear, uncleanness, unworthiness, rage, inequality. It is time to break these patterns, to come out of hiding and shine forth in all our glory, beauty, power, strength, love and vision. 

We clear remaining fears, blockages, traumas from past lives as witches, wise woman, herbalists, midwives, oracles and more. We focus on the Warrior (power) and the Crone (wisdom) aspects of the Feminine.

We move deeper than ever before to rebuild, clear and restore the sacred feminine temple of our wombs, sacral and hara chakras. 

All that we have endured as women is not for naught. We come alive again in the full force of our feminine love, light and power to transform the patriarchal structures and set the framework for re-claiming the perfect balance of Feminine and Masculine.

(Look for another workshop in the future that will focus on Feminine/Masculine balance within).




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Lemurian Priestesses take us from crystalline to photonic grid system

Pre-recorded 5 session channeled series. 60 minutes each.


I am so excited to be offering this group. So much is happening now on the earth, and this is a brand-new opportunity for us to upgrade our personal grid system.

Fairly recently, we upgraded our personal grid systems from carbon base to crystalline. Now we are able to begin the process of upgrading from the crystalline to the photonic (cosmic liquid light).

We will also learn about the changes in the current human and earth grid and participate in the upgrading of these grids.

We will be privileged to be of Service to the collective human grid, earth grid and cosmic grid.

See what is offered week by week:


  • Experience multidimensional symphonic orchestra of light
  • Join splendorous photonic light with personal crystalline grid
  • Activate packets of light within personal grid
  • Receive Lemurian song of balance
  • Move through sacred gateways to the great ALL THAT IS


  • Rcognize immensity, magnitude and magnificence of who we really ARE
  • Break down physical, mental, emotional, soul constructs that hold us back
  • Immersion of cosmic grid into personal grid
  • Integrate Monadic blueprint into personal grid and DNA
  • Bring photonic light into chakras and earth grid


  • Purification of collective human grid
  • Open flow between human kingdom, animal kingdom, cetacean kingdom, tree kingdom and more
  • Open earth grid gateways and expand gatekeeper abilities
  • Activation of cellular and atomic structure
  • Assist activation of earth and human grid system


  • Bring star grids from Orion, Sirius, Pleiades, Great Bear to our personal grid and into Earth and collective human grid
  • Assist in healing relationship between humanity and earth
  • Accelerate your personal timeline
  • Awaken 12 strand to 144 strand DNA
  • Activation of personal encodement of light


  • Turn on higher vibrational power grid for earth and humanity. WOW!
  • Integrate energies in personal crystalline/photonic grid
  • Receive blessings of highest magnitude and deep gratitude for our Service work


What people had to say about the ACCELERATED GRID GROUP:


Wow, talk about accelerated! I can really feel the energy. I just feel exhilarated!

Joy, CA, US


I am so grateful for this group. I can feel the energy changes in my body and in my chakras too. This is just what I have been looking for. Thank you SanRa and the Priestesses.

Margo, Germany


This group was incredible! I learned so much about the grid system and I feel so different with all the upgrades and activated encodements. Thanks so much!

Cody, NY, US


I so hope you will join us for this spectacular and elevating series.


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3 Empowerment sessions channeled by the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13 and Photonic Light Beings. 60 minutes each.


In this powerful initiatory series, you will receive a deep clearing of the inner chambers of your chakras, activate inner encodement of your atomic light particles, restore the Divine Blueprint of your DNA, and amplify the flow of your personal grid system. This allows you to hold the full spiritual light of your Monad and makes it possible to awaken your life purpose.

The Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13 is honored to bring you this opportunity from the Higher Light of their own Photonic capacity.

Session 1: Personal Grid System Deep Clearing, Activation, Restoration


  • Restore Divine Blueprint of DNA and Monad to reveal life purpose
  • Initiation into Wondrous Light Energy
  • Clear energy of feeling stuck
  • DNA repair and restoration
  • Feel soothed by Elixir of Light
  • Clear belief systems preventing revelation of life purpose
  • Reunion of all parts of Self


Session 2: Chakras Deep Clearing, Activation, Restoration


  • Multi-dimensional spiraling and encoded sounds and colors to clear and activate inner chakra chambers
  • Establish harmonic flow of chakras and grid system together
  • Reposition damaged chakras and stabilize energy
  • Super throat clearing
  • Feel joy to expand or discover life purpose
  • Awaken 3rd eye as beacon


Session 3: Spiritual Empowerment Activation and Initiation


  • Balance endocrine system
  • Revitalize atomic structure
  • Rebalance electrons
  • Activate sacred triangle of love, light, power
  • Akashic Records for life purpose integrated into body awareness
  • Fill Sacred Chalice of Self
  • Initiation into that of The All That Is


$99   Order Now






6 sessions, 60 minutes each



In these sessions, SanRa and the Lemurian Priestesses Circle of 13 gently, but clearly open areas of the body that are calling for healing from trauma, persecution, desecration and general disrespect and lack of being honored. We work with the newly activated Lemurian chakra of the Great Cosmic Mother. We use sacred sound and specific energetic point healing to infuse desecrated areas with energy to dissolve, remove and de-activate the core wound where it is held in the body, chakras and energy field. We hold a ceremony for the Re-consecration of the Womb. The Priestesses respond to collective needs of the group for deep healing and for assistance to return to the natural state of the sacred feminine in our current lives.


The intensity of this 6-week group is evident. Please know that you are held with deep love in the arms of the Great Cosmic Mother and the transformation taking place in the Great Cosmic Womb allows the rebirthing of the Sacred Feminine in each and every one of us and collective humanity as a whole. The Sacred Feminine emerges again, transforming all that is out of balance, showing the way for peace, harmony, love, beauty in ourselves and on our planet NOW.


Class #1

  • Meet the Great Cosmic Mother and receive Her great love
  • Re-awaken the holiness of the Sacred Feminine
  • Clear trauma from the uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes, ovaries
  • Introduction of Maiden, Mother, Crone, Warrior
  • Let go of inappropriate energy of our mothers, children, lovers


Class #2 

  • Learn to cherish your Self
  • Receive a Lemurian song to help heal physical womb and sacral chakra
  • Learn to reclaim and express your Feminine energies again
  • Re-establish safety in Feminine body and expression
  • Activate the Lemurian chakra of the Great Cosmic Mother


Class #3 

  • Begin clearing sexual abuse, rape, abortions, difficult births, sexual discrimination
  • Release responsibility for others
  • Clear throat chakra of hangings, strangling, etc and receive healing chant
  • Receive great, wondrous, sacred Elixir of Life
  • Clear grief, rage, anger


Class #4

  • Remember what it felt like to be honored as women
  • Receive the amazing love of the Great Cosmic Mother
  • Receive Silver Flame of Purification
  • Clear and restructure 2nd chakra
  • Begin gestation and re-birthing process of your new Feminine Self


Class #5

  • Clear collective negative energy from breasts
  • Hear soothing song for breasts
  • Awaken Feminine Warrior Goddess within
  • Suckle from the breasts of the Great Cosmic Mother


Class #6 

  • Re-consecration of the Womb Ceremony
  • Formation of collective Chalice of Light around whole earth 





“This was very powerful. I experienced a deep healing. The energy continues to amplify in my body. It was very moving and there is now more energy or expansion in my sacral chakra. I also experienced a release from my throat chakra. I wasn’t conscious of the need for healing in either of these areas, but it happened anyway, pure grace. Thank you for this amazing light-filled work. I really feel I am growing through this process.” Jean, Illinois, USA



“This was so incredibly beautiful and helpful. I have been holding on to so much that I am now letting go of. So liberating. Thank you, SanRa.”  Barbara, Germany


“I am having some clearing from my breasts, which is very wonderful.”  Diandra, California, USA



“I did not realize that I was still holding on to energies from the witch trials. As this releases, I feel so much more free, much more safe, and I feel my anger melting away.” Sandi, New Mexico, USA



“Thank you sweet sister, I am beyond grateful and honored. Still weeping with joy. I can feel the offerings moving through me into the world. Danni, FL. USA


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This course is an 11-part series offering timeless wisdom as we connect to the Gateways of Splendor. The Gateways of Splendor allow our ever expanding chakras to open to the infinity of all Reality. It gives us a grand opportunity to hold and be our full light (splendor), to remember fully the magnificence of who we are!




What are the Gateways of Splendor? 


A Gateway is an opening, a doorway. And it is an area of balancing energy from 1 level to another. In this course, we will open gateways, clear gateways, activate gateways, amplify our energy, retrieve lost wisdom from within and link gateways for greater awareness and oneness with all that is.


They Gateways of Splendor are a series of pathways of Light (splendor) that we have found ourselves separated from since we have been living in duality. They exist within us, other humanoids and non-humanoids, in planets, suns, galaxies and throughout the universal structure. They are part of the workings of the grid system of ourselves, the earth, the sun, and the cosmos. They are energetic structures of light within and around our chakras. They connect and assist light movement within Self, between each other and into deep space. We are again beginning to link our Gateways with other humans and our cosmic brothers and sisters. Because they have been dormant for so long, we have not had access to our full light. And because splendorous light is a higher vibrational light, we now have the opportunity to fully grow into our true Selves and be whole again!


Guiding our group will be SanRa and the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13, Ascended Masters, Angelic and Archangelic Beings, Star Nations and all constellations of Light, Cosmic Beings of Light and Avatar energies, not to mention the magnificent energies of light of each listener/participant. We are all working together as One.


How will I benefit? 


  • Begin to live from our Divine Spark/Monad/I AM Presence and leave behind the shackles of being controlled from our emotions and limiting, outdated belief systems.
  • DNA becomes more activated into 12 strands, even 144 strands and the restoration process begins in earnest.
  • More fully realize the purpose of your Soul and Monad
  • Feel the connection with other Beings, preventing or transforming feelings of isolation
  • Move forward on your ascension path
  • Further activate your personal crystalline grid
  • Clearing of old beliefs of separation, fear, doubts, anger
  • Feel exhilarated and more alive
  • Feel more happy to be on Earth
  • Open inner chambers of chakras
  • Live more in the Field of Oneness
  • Accelerate your personal quantum field

This course was originally designed to help us through the “11” year of 2018 and to navigate the energies of the Particle Convergence and Particle Emergence. Because it was such a deeply transformational experience for those participating, I was strongly guided to offer this course again so that it reaches a broader audience and helps us to explore the deep cosmic reality of who we are. The information and energy provided is timeless wisdom and will help you move through the current energies of transformation with greater ease and grace. I do hope you will take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity.


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This is such a wonderful series. Upliftment energy was brought to us in a previous Lemurian Priestess group channeled session and has helped me and others tremendously with the healing of old belief systems and emotional reactions. This is the expanded 3 session series. Each session lasts about 60 minutes.


Upliftment is the act of moving from one frequency to a higher frequency. It is an ACT OF GRACE offered to us by the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13 and many other Cosmic Beings of Higher Light as we surrender deeply to the essence and purpose of our true Selves. The more deeply we surrender, the more upliftment we allow ourselves to experience. Each session builds on the next, allowing us to go deeper in our healing with each session. Sacred sounds assist us throughout the series.


In session 1, we deepen our surrender, trust, safety, and alignment with Higher Self to begin the Upliftment process.


In session 2, we uplift specific patterns including but not limited to doubt, fear, shame, blame, guilt, hatred, judgement, resistance. We bring in joy, love, trust, acceptance. We work with the divine blueprint.


In session 3, we uplift anger, resentment, bitterness, victim energy, unworthiness. We bring in ease and grace. We work more deeply with the chakras, the violet flame, resurrection flame and cosmic flame of purification. We work with the antahkarana (rainbow bridge).


These old energy patterns carry lower energy frequencies that we have come to see as truth. We have carried these with us from our past as we slipped deeper and deeper into separation. Now, as we are moving back into unity, the Upliftment process helps us to release these limiting imprints from our physical bodies, energy bodies and chakras so that we fulfill our divine destiny as great beings of light in human form.


I am so excited about this series, and I so hope you will join us for a transformational and life changing experience!


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This is the new REVISED Lemurian 16 chakra tones package. Instead of the previous 15, the new Gateway of the Cosmic Mother Lemurian chakra has been activated. It is so amazing and helps us in our Divine Feminine flow. Enjoy! 
These 16 chakra tones are offered by the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13 for the purpose of opening, activating and clearing the Lemurian 16 chakra system. The tones assist in opening the deep inner Lemurian chambers in each chakra. There is a chakra alignment that takes place when you do the tones that is quite useful to the flow of energy in each chakra and through the chakra column.


The chakras include the major 7 chakras that most of us are familiar with and 9 more that were used in Lemuria and that are becoming opened within us now as our vibrational frequency increases. These are quite unique and powerful in their effect in the chakras, the physical body and the energy bodies in re-awakening our Lemurian essence and wisdom within.


The tones are sung by SanRa and are quite exquisite in their sound quality. You hear the tones as they are sung, and it is recommended that you also learn the tones or sing along so that the vibration of the tones comes from within your own body.


Included are the recordings of the 16 chakra tones, a PDF visual chart with location of the chakras and each chakra tone spelled out. Plus, there is a bonus of 7 Hindu seed sounds for each of the major 7 chakras, also toned by SanRa.


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Claim your star heritage and live from the cosmic wisdom that you are.

Series of 4, 60-minute pre-recorded sessions.

During this amazing series, you will receive initiations from 13 different stars, DNA repair, activation and upgrades, beautiful Lemurian sacred songs and chants, and powerful and unique healing energy and encoded activations from the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13 and the Star Beings.


We know we are from the stars and now we can reconnect with our star heritage by receiving this powerful energy brought forth by the Lemurian Priestesses. Each one of the Priestesses is from a different star or constellation and they bring to you their own star energy for your healing and further awakening.

Included are initiations from Betelgeuse, Alcyone, Vega, El An Ra of Orion, Pleiades, Rigel, Aldebaran, Polaris, Arcturus, Sirius, Regulus, Antares, Great Bear. These initiations offer us magnificent energy for our growth, our ascension process and rediscovering the star energies we hold deep within.


Originally these Lemurian Stargate Initiations were offered during the time of the Particle Convergence and Emergence influence in 2017, and the Priestesses have now re-encoded them with the current and higher photonic frequencies that are coming to earth now. These Lemurian Stargate Initiations are timeless in their wisdom and ability to raise your frequency, clear old belief systems from your physical cells and uplift and elevate your energy to it’s highest potential. Isn’t that just what we need right now in this massive transformational time on earth!


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Here is what’s included in Option 1:


24 MP3 downloads –Audio transmissions and sacred songs of Lemuria with SanRa and Lemurian Priestess



  • Sacred Songs of Lemuria
  • New Lemurian Healing Chamber Series


ITEM 1: The New Lemurian Healing Chamber Series 1 and 2 (15 episodes)


You’re invited to join us in this Spiritual Healing Chamber of Lemurian energes brought forth by the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13 through SanRa.


Journey into the New Lemurian Healing Chamber (NLHC) to heal, awaken and activate your DNA and chakras, and expand consciousness. This package includes an explanation of the chamber, and sound healing with Lemurian chanting and messages from the Lemurian Priestesses. You’ll feel the energy of the Lemurian Priestesses!


The NLHC was given to us by the Lemurian Priestesses, and they come through in each session, channeling through energy and valuable information. The NLHC is a spiritual chamber and affects transformation and healing down to the very particles of our beings. It is quite an amazing experience!


The NLHC allows us to reconnect with our original DNA blueprint, which holds the highest capacity of how to live in human form with light codes activated.


Some of our DNA has been scrambled (or corrupted in computer terms) so that we do not have full access to our original DNA blueprint. The NLHC unscrambles the corrupted DNA codes, re-writes the codes, makes necessary changes to our physical body and chakras so that we are able to accept the corrected codes. This allows us to integrate the full truth and original intention of our coming into human form. JUST WHAT WE HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR!


ITEM 2: Sacred Songs of Lemuria


Life on the long-lost continent of Lemuria was high vibrational, and those incarnating into physical form existed primarily in the 5th dimension and slowing vibration down to the 4th and 3rd dimensional realms upon will.


May these songs of Lemuria, sung by SanRa, who channels the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13, assist you in raising your vibration, and remembering Who You Truly Are…a beautiful being of light, who emanated from Source, a wondrous, spiritual being in human, physical form.


SanRa takes you on a sonic journey back to Lemuria and these high vibrational songs will resonate with every cell in your body. The tones and melodies will weave between your cells, vibrating them and awaiting the multidimensional DNA stored dormant within them.


It’s a simple and joyful journey if you allow it to flow freely and remember to Sing and Dance and feel your heart expanding with joy and love!




2015:Year of Co-creation with Ascended Master Djwhal Khul
In this message, Ascended Master Djwhal Khul brings forth information about energies of 2015, how we can best use them for our own personal/spiritual journey. He tells us it is possible to live in Paradise on earth, that we already have that knowing within us, and this is the year for co-creation of it!


All of this for $99.00, a 73% discount (total value of $360.00).





Here’s what’s included in Option 2:


A personal session with Lemurian Priestesses Circle of 13, channeled through SanRa, plus all of the 24 MP3 recordings in Option 1.



  • Personal channeled session with Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13
  • Recording of session
  • Everything in Option 1


All of this for $159.00, a 67% discount (total value of $440.00).


What people have said of SanRa’s work:


I totally enjoyed this session with SanRa… I could feel and connect to the energy! The singing was familiar to me. Thank you for having her on your show! It was amazing! Namaste! Toronto, Canada


“I started feeling my head spin, then my finger tips and toes were tingling….I had a flood of tears flow from my heart space and finally a release, then calm washed over me! Beautiful experience, Brownsville, TX


“That was much so more than I ever expected!” W.L.


A Message from SanRa

I am so filled with gratitude that I can offer these sessions from the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13. They are so uplifting and filled with light, joy, love. To have found my Priestess Circle again feels like I have come home to my Self after such a long journey. My heart is filled to be hearing the songs and chants of Lemuria once again. I have known all my life I had an important mission on earth, and now that the Priestesses are with me again, I am fulfilled in that mission.


The many Lemurian Priestess sessions I have channeled for clients have lead to fulfillment of a deep yearning to find themselves again after so many lifetimes of searching. Now is the time for the re-emergence of Lemurian values, creativity, and harmony upon the earth, for your own personal self and for collective humanity.


“Dearest Beloved Ones, We are in such a state of joy to be again with you in this way. We know so many of you from Lemuria and our shared Heart is filled with love and joy to be reconnected with you. It has been much of your earth time since we are together in this way, and yet we have never been apart in the higher realms and dimensions of existence. Allow us to come into your hearts as we help you to remember the fullness of your beingness, as we help you to feel love for yourself again, as we share the great knowingness of all that is. Our love is always with you and we also long for reconnection with our dear brothers and sisters of Lemuria. Ha Loo tai dan-foo ni. Our deepest love to all of you. The Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13.”


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Here is what’s included:

24 MP3 downloads – Audio transmissions and guided meditations with SanRa and Ascended Masters Djwhal Khul and Lord Maitreya.



  • Cellular Pattern Release Series
  • Channellings from Djwhal Khul


ITEM 1: Channelings from Djwal Khul – The Tibetan Master (13 episodes)


Timeless information from the Tibetan Master Djwal Khul! Experience the insight imparted in these digital downloads of Ageless Wisdom. These hold messages on Ascension and how you can best assimilate the energies of the Great Shift in Consciousness.


ITEM 2: Cellular Pattern Release Audio Programs (10 episodes)
With Djwal Khul and Lord Maitreya. These programs offer an extraordinary process to free your self from old patterns at the cellular level. They may be listened to at any time, or when you go to bed, as your subconsious mind will receive the information while you sleep.




Lemurian Priestess Channeling

Feel the energy of the initiation from Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13 as they channel information, energy and beautiful sacred sounds of Lemuria through SanRa. The ancient spiritual civilization of Lemuria re-emerges through us, as we again co-create paradise on earth.


All of this for $99.00, a 73% discount (total value of $360.00).




I would highly recommend everyone to go through the Clearing Negative Patterns meditation with SanRa. It is very powerful and used daily does indeed help break up negative patterns both known and unknown. I am so grateful to SanRa for being the channel for this work. AB, New Mexico

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful Pattern Release Program. On Thursday I had dental surgery. I did the meditation that morning and had no fear, and dental work has been one of my great fears. What a gift to the world! Thank you Lord and Lady Maitreya and Ascended Master Djwhal Khul. DMS, Illinois


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Sessions by phone, by Skype or Zoom,
All sessions recorded.
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