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This course is an 11-part series offering timeless wisdom as we connect to the Gateways of Splendor. The Gateways of Splendor allow our ever expanding chakras to open to the infinity of all Reality. It gives us a grand opportunity to hold and be our full light (splendor), to remember fully the magnificence of who we are!

What are the Gateways of Splendor? 

A Gateway is an opening, a doorway. And it is an area of balancing energy from 1 level to another. In this course, we will open gateways, clear gateways, activate gateways, amplify our energy, retrieve lost wisdom from within and link gateways for greater awareness and oneness with all that is.

They Gateways of Splendor are a series of pathways of Light (splendor) that we have found ourselves separated from since we have been living in duality. They exist within us, other humanoids and non-humanoids, in planets, suns, galaxies and throughout the universal structure. They are part of the workings of the grid system of ourselves, the earth, the sun, and the cosmos. They are energetic structures of light within and around our chakras. They connect and assist light movement within Self, between each other and into deep space. We are again beginning to link our Gateways with other humans and our cosmic brothers and sisters. Because they have been dormant for so long, we have not had access to our full light. And because splendorous light is a higher vibrational light, we now have the opportunity to fully grow into our true Selves and be whole again!

Guiding our group will be SanRa and the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13, Ascended Masters, Angelic and Archangelic Beings, Star Nations and all constellations of Light, Cosmic Beings of Light and Avatar energies, not to mention the magnificent energies of light of each listener/participant. We are all working together as One.

How will I benefit? 

  • Begin to live from our Divine Spark/Monad/I AM Presence and leave behind the shackles of being controlled from our emotions and limiting, outdated belief systems.
  • DNA becomes more activated into 12 strands, even 144 strands and the restoration process begins in earnest.
  • More fully realize the purpose of your Soul and Monad
  • Feel the connection with other Beings, preventing or transforming feelings of isolation
  • Move forward on your ascension path
  • Further activate your personal crystalline grid
  • Clearing of old beliefs of separation, fear, doubts, anger
  • Feel exhilarated and more alive
  • Feel more happy to be on Earth
  • Open inner chambers of chakras
  • Live more in the Field of Oneness
  • Accelerate your personal quantum field

This course was originally designed to help us through the “11” year of 2018 and to navigate the energies of the Particle Convergence and Particle Emergence. Because it was such a deeply transformational experience for those participating, I was strongly guided to offer this course again so that it reaches a broader audience and helps us to explore the deep cosmic reality of who we are. The information and energy provided is timeless wisdom and will help you move through the current energies of transformation with greater ease and grace. I do hope you will take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity.





This is such a wonderful series. Upliftment energy was brought to us in a previous Lemurian Priestess group channeled session and has helped me and others tremendously with the healing of old belief systems and emotional reactions. This is the expanded 3 session series. Each session lasts about 60 minutes.


Upliftment is the act of moving from one frequency to a higher frequency. It is an ACT OF GRACE offered to us by the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13 and many other Cosmic Beings of Higher Light as we surrender deeply to the essence and purpose of our true Selves. The more deeply we surrender, the more upliftment we allow ourselves to experience. Each session builds on the next, allowing us to go deeper in our healing with each session. Sacred sounds assist us throughout the series.


In session 1, we deepen our surrender, trust, safety, and alignment with Higher Self to begin the Upliftment process.


In session 2, we uplift specific patterns including but not limited to doubt, fear, shame, blame, guilt, hatred, judgement, resistance. We bring in joy, love, trust, acceptance. We work with the divine blueprint.


In session 3, we uplift anger, resentment, bitterness, victim energy, unworthiness. We bring in ease and grace. We work more deeply with the chakras, the violet flame, resurrection flame and cosmic flame of purification. We work with the antahkarana (rainbow bridge).


These old energy patterns carry lower energy frequencies that we have come to see as truth. We have carried these with us from our past as we slipped deeper and deeper into separation. Now, as we are moving back into unity, the Upliftment process helps us to release these limiting imprints from our physical bodies, energy bodies and chakras so that we fulfill our divine destiny as great beings of light in human form.


I am so excited about this series and I so hope you will join us for a transformational and life changing experience!





These 15 chakra tones are offered by the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13 for the purpose of opening, activating and clearing the Lemurian 15 chakra system. The tones assist in opening the deep inner Lemurian chambers in each chakra. There is a chakra alignment that takes place when you do the tones that is quite useful to the flow of energy in each chakra and through the chakra line.


The chakras include the major 7 chakras that most of us are familiar with and 8 more that were used in Lemuria and that are becoming opened within us now as our vibrational frequency increases. These are quite unique and powerful in their effect in the chakras, the physical body and the energy bodies in re-awakening our Lemurian essence and wisdom within.


The tones are sung by SanRa and are quite exquisite in their sound quality. You hear the tones as they are sung and it is recommended that you also learn the tones or sing along so that the vibration of the tones comes from within your own body.


Included are the recordings of the 15 chakra tones, a PDF visual chart with location of the chakras and each chakra tone spelled out. Plus, there is a bonus of 7 Hindu seed sounds for each of the major 7 chakras, also toned by SanRa.





As we are anchoring our new golden age, we continue to clear away the untruths and inappropriate belief systems that we have held for so long. We are moving out of separation and back into Unity. We are also claiming and integrating the cosmic aspects of ourselves that we may have forgotten in our thinking minds, but that have been nudging us from deep within.


It is my knowing that we are from the stars, that we each have a home star and that we have probably had spiritual training from many different stars and star systems. The stars have much wisdom and I have been guided to offer channeled information and energy from 13 different stars.


In 2017 my husband and I were camping in our RV in a place called Paliza Family Campground in Ponderosa, NM, USA. As I was taking a walk, I found and listened to what I now call “my mountain” (see picture).


It gave me more information about my role in Lemuria, past and present. It also told me that I needed to start doing Star Meditations again. And it told me not to wait too long. I was delighted, as it has been many years since I have offered these. I felt then that they were a bit before their time, but not anymore! So, low and behold, about a week later, I was on a personal retreat and I was told to sit and get the first transmission. I am so excited to offer these to you!


The LEMURIAN STARGATE INITIATION PACKAGE is a series of four, 1- hour long sessions. Originally they were offered during the time of the Particle Convergence and Emergence influence in 2017, yet they are timeless in their wisdom and ability to raise your frequency, and clear old belief systems from your physical cells. Each session includes information and energy from the Priestesses, DNA repair and activation, initiations from 13 different stars, and the wondrous beauty of the sacred songs and chants of Lemuria. Included are initiations from Betelgeuse, Alcyone, Vega, El An Ra of Orion, Pleiades, Rigel, Aldebaran, Polaris, Arcturus, Sirius, Regulus, Antares, Great Bear.


EVEN IF YOU BEGIN AFTER 2017, the series will be of just as much value in integrating higher energies and propelling you forward on your spiritual path and in raising your frequency to match that of the new grids being anchored. CLAIM YOUR STAR INHERITANCE AND LIVE FROM THE COSMIC WISDOM THAT YOU ARE!


When you click on the link below, please look at instructions for downloading, so that you can receive the 4 downloads automatically.


I know you will absolutely love this series! Let me know if you have any questions.







Here is what’s included in Option 1:


24 MP3 downloads –Audio transmissions and sacred songs of Lemuria with SanRa and Lemurian Priestess



  • Sacred Songs of Lemuria
  • New Lemurian Healing Chamber Series


ITEM 1: The New Lemurian Healing Chamber Series 1 and 2 (15 episodes)


You’re invited to join us in this Spiritual Healing Chamber of Lemurian energes brought forth by the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13 through SanRa.


Journey into the New Lemurian Healing Chamber (NLHC) to heal, awaken and activate your DNA and chakras, and expand consciousness. This package includes an explanation of the chamber, and sound healing with Lemurian chanting and messages from the Lemurian Priestesses. You’ll feel the energy of the Lemurian Priestesses!


The NLHC was given to us by the Lemurian Priestesses and they come through in each session, channeling through energy and valuable information. The NLHC is a spiritual chamber and affects transformation and healing down to the very particles of our beings. It is quite an amazing experience!


The NLHC allows us to reconnect with our original DNA blueprint, which holds the highest capacity of how to live in human form with light codes activated.


Some of our DNA has been scrambled (or corrupted in computer terms) so that we do not have full access to our original DNA blueprint. The NLHC unscrambles the corrupted DNA codes, re-writes the codes, makes necessary changes to our physical body and chakras so that we are able to accept the corrected codes. This allows us to integrate the full truth and original intention of our coming into human form. JUST WHAT WE HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR!


ITEM 2: Sacred Songs of Lemuri


Life on the long lost continent of Lemuria was high vibrational, and those incarnating into physical form existed primarily in the 5th dimension, and slowing vibration down to the 4th and 3rd dimensional realms upon will.


May these songs of Lemuria, sung by SanRa, who channels the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13, assist you in raising your vibration, and remembering Who You Truly Are…a beautiful being of light, who emanated from Source, a wondrous, spiritual being in human, physical form.


SanRa takes you on a sonic journey back to Lemuria and these high vibrational songs will resonate with every cell in your body. The tones and melodies will weave between your cells, vibrating them and awaiting the multidimensional DNA stored dormant within them.


It’s a simple and joyful journey if you allow it to flow freely, and remember to Sing and Dance and feel your heart expanding with joy and love!




2015:Year of Co-creation with Ascended Master Djwhal Khul
In this message, Ascended Master Djwhal Khul brings forth information about energies of 2015, how we can best use them for our own personal/spiritual journey. He tells us it is possible to live in Paradise on earth, that we already have that knowing within us, and this is the year for co-creation of it!


All of this for $99.00, a 73% discount (total value of $360.00).






Here’s what’s included in Option 2:


A personal session with Lemurian Priestesses Circle of 13, channeled through SanRa, plus all of the 24 MP3 recordings in Option 1.



  • Personal channeled session with Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13
  • Recording of session
  • Everything in Option 1


All of this for $159.00, a 67% discount (total value of $440.00).


What people have said of SanRa’s work:


I totally enjoyed this session with SanRa… I could feel and connect to the energy! The singing was familiar to me. Thank you for having her on your show! It was amazing! Namaste! Toronto, Canada


“I started feeling my head spin, then my finger tips and toes were tingling….I had a flood of tears flow from my heart space and finally a release, then calm washed over me! Beautiful experience, Brownsville, TX


“That was much so more that I ever expected!” W.L.


A Message from SanRa

I am so filled with gratitude that I can offer these sessions from the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13. They are so uplifting and filled with light, joy, love. To have found my Priestess Circle again feels like I have come home to my Self after such a long journey. My heart is filled to be hearing the songs and chants of Lemuria once again. I have known all my life I had an important mission on earth, and now that the Priestesses are with me again, I am fulfilled in that mission.


The many Lemurian Priestess sessions I have channeled for clients have lead to fulfillment of a deep yearning to find themselves again after so many lifetimes of searching. Now is the time for the re-emergence of Lemurian values, creativity, and harmony upon the earth, for your own personal self and for collective humanity.


“Dearest Beloved Ones, We are in such a state of joy to be again with you in this way. We know so many of you from Lemuria and our shared Heart is filled with love and joy to be reconnected with you. It has been much of your earth time since we are together in this way, and yet we have never been apart in the higher realms and dimensions of existence. Allow us to come into your hearts as we help you to remember the fullness of your beingness, as we help you to feel love for yourself again, as we share the great knowingness of all that is. Our love is always with you and we also long for reconnection with our dear brothers and sisters of Lemuria. Ha Loo tai dan-foo ni. Our deepest love to all of you. The Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13.”





Here is what’s included:

24 MP3 downloads – Audio transmissions and guided meditations with SanRa and Ascended Masters Djwhal Khul and Lord Maitreya.



  • Cellular Pattern Release Series
  • Channellings from Djwhal Khul


ITEM 1: Channelings from Djwal Khul – The Tibetan Master (13 episodes)


Timeless information from the Tibetan Master Djwal Khul! Experience the insight imparted in these digital downloads of Ageless Wisdom. These hold messages on Ascension and how you can best assimilate the energies of the Great Shift in Consciousness.


ITEM 2: Cellular Pattern Release Audio Programs (10 episodes)
With Djwal Khul and Lord Maitreya. These programs offer an extraordinary process to free your self from old patterns at the cellular level. They may be listened to at any time, or when you go to bed, as your subconsious mind will receive the information while you sleep.




Lemurian Priestess Channelling

Feel the energy of the initiation from Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13 as they channel information, energy and beautiful sacred sounds of Lemuria through SanRa. The ancient spiritual civilization of Lemuria re-emerges through us, as we again co-create paradise on earth.


All of this for $99.00, a 73% discount (total value of $360.00).




I would highly recommend everyone to go through the Clearing Negative Patterns meditation with SanRa. It is very powerful and used daily does indeed help break up negative patterns both known and unknown. I am so grateful to SanRa for being the channel for this work. AB, New Mexico

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful Pattern Release Program. On Thursday I had dental surgery. I did the meditation that morning and had no fear, and dental work has been one of my great fears. What a gift to the world! Thank you Lord and Lady Maitreya and Ascended Master Djwhal Khul. DMS, Illinois



Sessions by phone, by Skype and in person.
All sessions recorded.
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