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Unleash the Power of the Sacred Feminine

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Sessions by phone, by Skype and in person.
All sessions recorded.
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Current Group Events

Empowered Feminine energy joining with earth and the cosmos for Divine Creation

In sacred circles of 13 women, SanRa Mecanta Lash Tei guides us in the activation of the sacred Keys of Light we hold within to be released to the earth, humanity and the cosmos as blessings from our deep Feminine nature of wonder, wisdom and transformation.

As we flow together, united in our Goddess love and power, we bring forth what we have been carrying for eternity to be offered at this perfect moment to all of Creation, in manifestation or yet to be so. 

In joining together in ceremony with the sacred energy of the Goddess, the Deep Feminine that we ARE explodes into sacred fiery light and continues the activation of the Feminine and cosmic grid systems on earth.  We heal of the wounds of women. We heal the wounds of earth. We heal the wounds of ancestors of all races.

We heal and empower our Selves as we bring past, present and future timelines together in one divine present moment of timeless vision and creation of illuminated birthing of the ecstasy of Life unfolding. 

Join us, offer your Keys of Light and awaken to all that you know your Self to be! 

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