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Activate Celestial Blueprints for Evolution

Evolve beyond your Homo Sapien human into your Homo Luminous human

You have heard many times that we are spiritual beings in human bodies. This has never been more true. As we activate, integrate and synchronize the celestial blueprints of our soul, our I AM, our Logos, and our cosmic bodies, we move into our Homo Luminous essence.

This is quite an intricate process and I am thrilled to be facilitating as so many Beings of Light will guide us and uplift us into our next evolutionary cycle, our new golden age, and our happiness and freedom in our purposeful intention of Service to Self, Humanity and Earth. We are guided by masters, angels, star beings, and the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13 in this interstellar process.

This assists us in bringing together all of the previously untapped aspects of our Being in coordination with our DNA, cellular structure, and our electrons. We will discover how to release our third dimensional paradigm fully and move into our higher fifth, sixth and seventh dimensional existences.

It would not be possible for these many masters to assist us if we had not already attained such a high degree of consciousness and frequency. We are the forerunners, and are opening the gateways to others through our very evolution. It is quite an honor to be asked to participate. I hope you feel the love that the Masters extend to us with this invitation. I feel quite humbled, and in awe of what is being offered to us.

What is offered in this 5 part pre-recorded series:

  • Restoration of encodements and crystalline keys to finally move beyond separation into oneness and synthesis
  • Upliftment, activation, synchronization, explanation of our many inner celestial blueprints for our continued evolution
  • Life-changing transformation from our 3d matrix up through our 7D matrix
  • Detailed explanation of higher 5th, 6th 7th dimensional realities and how to live from these in our lives now
  • Divine blessings as we are allowed access into Shamballa and it’s equivalents up through the universal levels and beyond
  • Special dispensation from the Avatar of Synthesis never before available to us


 “Thank you for channeling this Wondrous Loving energy/information”. JP, CA

 “What a DELIGHTFUL ceremonial  transmission! The energy was different than anything I have experienced ever before. Really gives a wonderful uplifted feeling! I held my lavender quartz crystal skull and it responded by becoming very warm and feeling more fluid. Thank you again so much and how grateful I am to grow and be of service in this deep surrendering connection”. BV, Netherlands

 “That was incredible…so much light! Thank you” !!! DS, WI

 Included in Package 1:

  • 5 pre-recorded, 60 minute channeled Blueprint sessions

Included in Package 2:

  • 5 pre-recorded, 60 minute channeled Blueprint sessions
  • 1 individual Blueprint session. These individual sessions give much more clarity about who you are and how you can express that in your life. It is for many like a higher octave of your life purpose. They have been quite profound.

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Djwhal Khul Package


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All sessions recorded.

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We cannot guarantee any physical healing, but we do provide energy so that you can do the healing in your own body to help to eliminate the emotional or karmic causes of the physical condition. Nothing said in sessions is medical advice.


All information of any nature that is offered in any kind of session is given for your consideration only. It is your choice, from your own knowing, if you take any action as a result of the information given.