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Wesak and 3 Sacred Holy Days of Spring, Brand new live series 

Maitreya says:  “Know that all upon Earth will behold a great change in the spiritual leadership of earth during the esoteric Holy Days of spring in your year of 2022.” 

On this Wesak celebration, Gautama Buddha and Maitreya Buddha will merge in a sacred ceremony where Buddha will be installed as our new Planetary Logos. This is a momentous occasion and will mean an acceleration in our entire beings and our spiritual ascension. I am so honored to invite you to be in attendance. 

“No cost is too great to pay in order to be of use to the Hierarchy at the time of the Full Moon of Wesak; no price is too high in order to gain spiritual illumination which can be possible, particularly at that time.” Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, aka The Tibetan (Discipleship in the New Age, Alice Bailey).

Series of 3 Festivals, 60 minutes each

Festival of Resurrection, Aries full moon, April 15, 11:00 a.m. Mountain Time

Festival of Wesak, Taurus full moon, May 15th, 11:00 a.m. Mountain Time

Festival of Humanity, Gemini full moon, June 13th, 11:00 a.m. Mountain Time


We will celebrate with ceremony, meditation, chanting and great joy as we are uplifted to higher frequencies of love and light. Absolutely needed at this time in our world. I so hope you will join us!

Festival of Resurrection

Festival of Resurrection is a time for purification in preparation for Wesak.  We are open to new beginnings and to new cycles of emerging opportunities. The Aries energy is a catalyst for change; old ways that no longer serve us pass out of our lives and new Divine ideas come through. With this energy of resurrection, we align with the higher Will and rise out of seeming chaos in the world and begin to see new clarity. A key theme of this festival is love and is a time to unite our heart centers with that of the Absolute.

Wesak Festival

In esoteric thought, Wesak is considered the most sacred day of the year.

At the exact moment of the Taurus full moon of Wesak, the Light of the Cosmos is transmitted through the eye of Taurus, the star Aldebaran, to humanity. In this moment, we realize our Divinity as we exist in our physical bodies. During Wesak, we are exposed to the greatest light of any day of the year, a day of initiation.

As we receive this greatest light from the cosmos, we are catapulted in our movement forward on our spiritual paths. 

The Festival of Humanity

The Festival of Humanity is the time when all of the energy brought forth from the cosmos at Wesak is spread to the masses of humanity.

Also called the Festival of Goodwill, people of goodwill unite and stress the importance of right human relations.  With guidance from our Cosmic Guides of Light, we work together for the collective good of all, unfolding the divine plan of humanity.

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Lemurian Telos connection on Sacred Land

In Person Event Only


Telosian portals, Pleiadian stargate, Temple of the Cosmic Heart, and more on sacred land in Williams, OR, just 118 miles north of Mt. Shasta. We invite you to a small gathering, which will include live channellings, from Adama of Telos and Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13, through SanRa. 

We will walk on the land and receive activations for ourselves, while assisting the further awakening of the Telosian portals and the cosmic energies on the land itself.  We will expand the connection with Telos, bringing Telosian/Lemurian energy up to the surface and sending our loving energy into Telos. 


Invitation from Tena, steward and owner of the land: 

“I’ve been involved with this land for many years.  When my dear friend crossed over in May 2020, he handed it on to me, to be the new steward.  He’d had a vision for it that he wasn’t able to realize, but he planted the seeds.  Soon after he passed, Adama of Telos began guiding me about this land, helping me to understand its’ sacredness and potential.  This workshop will be an opportunity to add our energies to this potential, to be of service to the land and what’s unfolding there, and to experience the beauty of it’s vibration, and the cosmic energies present there. Blessings to you for considering joining in this work. Adama told me “The land was given to you as a portal of light.” 

During a channeling I received from Cynthia Charis, she saw “effervescent, brilliant, rainbow-like portals opening up.” I cannot wait to share this with you.”  Love, Tena


Message from Adama through Tena:

This is a special place, sanctified, sacred.  There is a glorious future here to unfold, in time.  I will join you, and fully participate in this gathering, as will other Telosians.  We’re in great gratitude that you are willing to do this work, to open these portals, for a stronger connection with Telos. I’m delighted that things are progressing on the land. 

It is with many blessings to you all; it is with many blessings that I invite you to join us, here, as the sacred destiny of this land unfolds before us.  Namaste beloveds.”  Adama


NOTE: This event takes place right after the Mt. Shasta event that I will be speaking at, AWAKENING LEMURIA, so it would be very easy to do both if you feel called. lauriereyon.com.


If you are doing both, you might want to check out flights at Medford, OR. It is 88 miles from Mt. Shasta and 31 miles from Willams, OR.


Facilitated by: SanRa and Tena
Dates: July 3rd and 4th, 10:00am to 5:00pm each day|
Location: Williams, OR (exact address revealed when you register). Check out airport in note above.
Lodgings: Hotels and airbnbs in the area. Williams, Murphy, Grants Pass, perhaps lodgings on nearby land. More to come when you register.
Food: There are grocery stores, cafes and restaurants nearby, organic available. If we share any meals together on the land, we will all share the cost.

Price: $199 by May 20th and $249 after May 20th

Other info: It is very rustic. We will be using a clean outhouse on the land. There may be ticks, so bring repellant. (We will be holding such a high vibration, I don’t think this will be a problem). We will be walking the property, but no steep hills.

Limited to 9 people.

I so hope you will join us for this beautiful opportunity.

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“The endocrine workshop is so powerful. I sleep better and I have received higher insight. What a gift to our world.” UMS, NM, US

“I feel so much more stable in my energy field and in my chakras after listening to this series and singing the tones. Thank you so much, SanRa.” SM, NM, US

“This was marvelous!  I love singing the tones. I feel this series has helped prepare me to step into the next level of my spiritual work. I am so grateful. Thank you, SanRa.” LB, CA, US

This is a series of 4  PRE-RECORDED sessions (plus a short Introductory recording) channeled by the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13 featuring new information and energy to upgrade from your human glandular system to your cosmic endocrine system.


You will receive encoded energies from the Priestesses to activate the higher cosmic energies that have been dormant in your endocrine system. Much of this will be done with sacred sounds and encoded beams of energy from the Priestesses through SanRa. Each gland has been given a specific Lemurian tone, which will be sung to you.


The Priestesses will offer amazing channelled energy and information about your cosmic endocrine system. This will bring forth your enhanced ability to communicate with the cosmos through the greater flow of light in your body!


Specific glands will be activated each session, so all 10 glands will be covered (pineal, hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, thymus, pancreas, adrenals, ovaries, testes). We will provide integration of the new cosmic endocrine system through the glands and the entire body and energy system.


This promises to be an exhilarating experience that will assist your multi-dimensionality, your ability to flow more light through your body, and your process of growth and ascension into the magnificent cosmic being of light and love that you are.


Included are: 

* 4 channeled recordings (each 60 minutes, plus a short Introductory recording)


* recording of 10 Lemurian endocrine gland tones


* 2 PDF’s, 1 with the written tones and the other with a graphic of the endocrine system in your body.



Special March 1st, 2022 through March 31st, 2022 on sale for only $99!

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I am so excited to offer you this Spiritual Cosmology class in 2022. It will offer us little known facts from the hierarchy of earth, up through the cosmic hierarchies and the formless realms. We will receive information that has not been revealed previously. And we will be given current information about the cosmic energies and how they are affecting us.


This will be a combination of SanRa speaking from her Lemurian Priestess Self and her role as Lady of Betelgeuse, as well as channeled information from Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, the Lemurian Priestesses and other Light Beings.  We will also receive activations and upliftments.


In this class format, an expanse of information and energy will be offered.


The dates have been chosen for their numerological significance to enhance our experience.


I so hope you will join us! I can already feel the power of this energy. 


JANUARY 11, 2022 Earth Hierarchy

JANUARY 22, 2022– Solar Hierarchy

FEBRUARY 2, 2022 – Galactic Hierarchy

FEBRUARY 11, 2022 – Universal Hierarchy

FEBRUARY 22, 2022 – Omniversal energy and formless realms


TIME: 11:00 am mountain time, 60 minute duration


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Lemurian Priestess Sessions



Life Purpose Sessions

Lemurian Priestess Healing

Lemurian Priestess Channeling


Lemurian Priestess Past Life Regression


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Healing Sessions



Ascended Master Djwhal Khul Channelled Sessions


Sacred Depth Healing


Ascension Guidance


Couples Healing Sessions


Past Life Regression


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Journey Into Lemurian Sacred Temple Series

Unleash the Power of the Sacred Feminine

Accelerated Grid System

Life Purpose Empowerment Series

Healing the Feminine Core Wound


Gateways of Splendor


Upliftment Energy Series


Lemurian 16 Chakra Tones


Lemurian Stargate Initiation Series


Lemurian Priestess Package (two options)


Djwhal Khul Package



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With SanRa and the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13


(3) 1-hour pre-recorded sessions


We will work with ancestral feminine energies through matrilineal family lines, spiritual traditions, mystery schools, blood lineage, religion, and DNA.


We will clear outdated beliefs, corrupted imprinted beliefs and trauma within the Feminine psyche and the physical body.


We will restore the essence of the Feminine so that we, as women, may feel spiritually confident and able to live from and express our Feminine knowing with ease and grace.


Lemurian Priestesses will offer extensive use of sacred sound to purify and activate.


Trust yourself to become the illuminated Feminine Spirit that you already are!



Session 1: Focus on highest soul purpose of ancestral lines activated beyond time and space. Activate and clear blood lines, DNA, ovaries, rebirthing.


Session 2: Activate and purify mystery school lineages in Egypt, Asia, Tibet, Druid, Avalon, Christianity. Powerful clearing of collective feminine throat chakra.


Session 3: Activate and purify spiritual traditions of Lemuria, Atlantis, Star Nation, tribal energies, whale and dolphin wisdom.


COST: $137

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(3) 1 hour segments LIVE


“Your solstice energy of 2021 not only heralds a new year for earth, but the shift into a new cycle in the solar system.” (both summer and winter solstices, so both hemispheres are included).  Quoted from the Solar Logos in SanRa’s Column of Light group on 9-23-21. This allows for upliftment of the entire solar system and all planets and all life forms within our solar system.

This is very exciting to be invited to prepare for this great shift in our solar system. In my Column of Light group, which has been a closed group for 3 years, Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, the Solar Logos, Melchior, Melchizedek, and others have been revealing to us the mysteries of the many levels of creation. Now they have expanded the group so more can participate and offer their gifts for the imminent shift of our solar system into a new cycle.

As ascended humans and those on the path to ascension, we have a part to play in our sun’s shift. 11-11-21 and 12-12-21 hold energies to help us prepare to take our places on the actual date of this grand solar event, which is 12-21-21. Earth and humanity, all planets in our solar system, and many other comic beings will be working together to help our sun’s upliftment, and of course our own upliftment, as we are part of the solar system. What an honor to be involved in this event!

Each date will provide specific channellings from the above Beings to help us prepare to take our places in this transformational solar event on the solstice in December. I so look forward to serving with you all!

Dates included in LIVE package:

11-11-21 at 11:00am

12-12-21 at noon

12-21-21 at noon





This is coming up pretty quickly, so take action if you feel called.

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Sessions by phone, by Skype and in person.
All sessions recorded.

Gift certificates available. Contact SanRa to purchase.




We cannot guarantee any physical healing, but we do provide energy so that you can do the healing in your own body to help to eliminate the emotional or karmic causes of the physical condition. Nothing said in sessions is medical advice.


All information of any nature that is offered in any kind of session is given for your consideration only. It is your choice, from your own knowing, if you take any action as a result of the information given.