Lemurian Spirit

WESAK FESTIVAL and the Spring Holy Days of 2023




No cost is too great to pay in order to be of use to the Hierarchy at the time of the Full Moon of Wesak; no price is too high in order to gain spiritual illumination which can be possible, particularly at that time.” Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, aka The Tibetan (Discipleship in the New Age, Alice Bailey).


At the exact moment of the Taurus full moon of Wesak, the Light of the Cosmos is transmitted through the eye of Taurus, the star Aldebaran, to humanity. In this moment, we realize our Divinity as we exist in our physical bodies. During Wesak, we are exposed to the greatest light of any day of the year, a day of initiation.


We will celebrate all 3 of these holy days with ceremony, guided meditation, chanting and great joy!


  The Festival of Resurrection, celebrated  in April, is a time for purification in preparation for Wesak.  We can let go of old patterns and prepare for new beginnings as we are uplifted by the resurrection energy.


The Wesak Festival, celebrated in May, is a time of great initiation and an opportunity for immense acceleration on our ascension paths.


The Festival of Humanity, celebrated in June, is the time when we can Serve by helping to spread the energy we received during Wesak to the masses of humanity.


As we come together in ceremony at this deeply spiritual time, we are catapulted forward on our spiritual paths. I so hope you will join us.


Dates: April 5th – May 5th – June 3rd. Series of 3. 
Time: 11:00am MOUNTAIN TIME
Cost: $99.