Lemurian Spirit

Upliftment Energy Series




This is such a wonderful series. Upliftment energy was brought to us in a previous Lemurian Priestess group channeled session and has helped me and others tremendously with the healing of old belief systems and emotional reactions. This is the expanded 3 session series. Each session lasts about 60 minutes.


Upliftment is the act of moving from one frequency to a higher frequency. It is an ACT OF GRACE offered to us by the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13 and many other Cosmic Beings of Higher Light as we surrender deeply to the essence and purpose of our true Selves. The more deeply we surrender, the more upliftment we allow ourselves to experience. Each session builds on the next, allowing us to go deeper in our healing with each session. Sacred sounds assist us throughout the series.


In session 1, we deepen our surrender, trust, safety, and alignment with Higher Self to begin the Upliftment process.


In session 2, we uplift specific patterns including but not limited to doubt, fear, shame, blame, guilt, hatred, judgement, resistance. We bring in joy, love, trust, acceptance. We work with the divine blueprint.


In session 3, we uplift anger, resentment, bitterness, victim energy, unworthiness. We bring in ease and grace. We work more deeply with the chakras, the violet flame, resurrection flame and cosmic flame of purification. We work with the antahkarana (rainbow bridge).


These old energy patterns carry lower energy frequencies that we have come to see as truth. We have carried these with us from our past as we slipped deeper and deeper into separation. Now, as we are moving back into unity, the Upliftment process helps us to release these limiting imprints from our physical bodies, energy bodies and chakras so that we fulfill our divine destiny as great beings of light in human form.


I am so excited about this series, and I so hope you will join us for a transformational and life changing experience!