Lemurian Spirit





These are the recordings of the retreat that I offered in Williams, OR in July 2022. It was such an amazing time. There were 12 of us in attendance, but we sure accomplished a lot with activating Telosian portals, purifying Earth’s waters through the creek waters on the property, anchoring the Temple of the Cosmic Heart, and more fully awakening our own cosmic, divine , Telosian, Lemurian nature.

All 8 sessions took place outside. We were so grateful for the wonderful weather. 4 of the sessions were channeled by Adama and the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13. These are the sessions that were recorded and you can see the descriptions below. Included in the other 4 were 2 sessions where we worked with the creek on the property, giving blessings. We offered selenite crystals into the water to raise the frequency as it flowed to other waterways. We participated in a Blessing Circle, where we each took turns in the center receiving blessings from each other. That was very moving. And we circled the beautiful ancient tree with our loving energy and adorned it with rose petals, crystals, feathers and more. We felt refreshed and uplifted after our 2 days together.

I am so delighted to offer these recordings so that you can also receive the blessings, love, and heightened frequency of the Cosmic, Lemurian and Telosian energies coming to us. I feel very blessed to have offered and been a part of this beautiful and magical gathering.


RECORDINGS DESCRIPTION: These are the highlights, but so much more was offered. Each recording is about an hour long.


Adama.Telosian Guides
*Temple of the Cosmic Heart anchoring
*Receive Pleiadian stargate in our chakras
*Elevation in frequency of emotional and mental bodies
*Meet our assigned Telosian guides

Lemurian Priestesses. Beauty
*Telosian guides reflect to you your immense beauty
*2 brand new Lemurian songs of beauty and of reverence for nature
*Healing fear of being seen
*Seed of beauty from divine masculine
*Doors of beauty opening in your heart

Telosian Ambassadors
*Receive rainbow rays of light from Telos
*Initiation as human ambassador of Telos
*Receive Sacred Flame of Telos
*Move into higher frequencies of activated Telosian Portals

Adama. Telos Q & A
*Learn more about how Telos functions in medical, food, education, family, social structure
*Quotes from Adama during the Q & A.
“Many of your inspiring ideas come from your visits to Telos.”
“We (in Telos) are not retaining individuality that holds us within ego.”
“This is within your grasp to no longer have physical disease.”
“There is no fear, as Telosians. We are in the joyful energy.”


I so hope you will take advantage of these amazing energies offered to uplift, expand, awaken and blossom into the beautiful and Divine beings that you already are. All my love to you. SanRa Mecanta Lash Tei