Lemurian Spirit

Spiritual Cosmology Class




I am so excited to offer you this Spiritual Cosmology class in 2022. It will offer us little known facts from the hierarchy of earth, up through the cosmic hierarchies and the formless realms. We will receive information that has not been revealed previously. And we will be given current information about the cosmic energies and how they are affecting us.


This will be a combination of SanRa speaking from her Lemurian Priestess Self and her role as Lady of Betelgeuse, as well as channeled information from Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, the Lemurian Priestesses and other Light Beings.  We will also receive activations and upliftments.


In this class format, an expanse of information and energy will be offered.

The dates were chosen for their numerological significance to enhance our experience.


I so hope you will join us! I can already feel the power of this energy.