Lemurian Spirit

Journey Into Lemurian Sacred Temple Series


Discount package price $111.00 (original price $254)



This is a series of 12 channeled sessions (60 minutes each) by the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13 featuring journeys into LEMURIAN SACRED TEMPLES. This series was offered 3 years ago, and I have been guided to offer it again at a discount. These Temple energies are absolutely vital for us now and for anchoring the new golden age.


Lemurian sacred temples still exist upon the planet in different dimensional realities than in Lemurian times. The energetic mechanism that allows them to awaken again now has been activated. You may have been feeling this already because the energy of the sacred temples also exists in your cells and chakras from your time on Lemuria. The treasures you hold for Self and Service will be unlocked and made available to you through these journeys into the Lemurian Sacred Temples.

There are earth temples, star temples, cosmic temples, temples of the sacred flames, temples of initiation, and many more. Many of us have tended these temples and the sacred energies they hold. Now that we are opening more fully to our Lemurian and cosmic heritage and wisdom, we are again able to deeply access the energies of these sacred temples. Please join us for these magnificent Lemurian Temple energies!