Lemurian Spirit

Healing the Core Wound of the Sacred Feminine




6 sessions, 60 minutes each



In these sessions, SanRa and the Lemurian Priestesses Circle of 13 gently, but clearly open areas of the body that are calling for healing from trauma, persecution, desecration and general disrespect and lack of being honored. We work with the newly activated Lemurian chakra of the Great Cosmic Mother. We use sacred sound and specific energetic point healing to infuse desecrated areas with energy to dissolve, remove and de-activate the core wound where it is held in the body, chakras and energy field. We hold a ceremony for the Re-consecration of the Womb. The Priestesses respond to collective needs of the group for deep healing and for assistance to return to the natural state of the sacred feminine in our current lives.


The intensity of this 6-week group is evident. Please know that you are held with deep love in the arms of the Great Cosmic Mother and the transformation taking place in the Great Cosmic Womb allows the rebirthing of the Sacred Feminine in each and every one of us and collective humanity as a whole. The Sacred Feminine emerges again, transforming all that is out of balance, showing the way for peace, harmony, love, beauty in ourselves and on our planet NOW.


Class #1

  • Meet the Great Cosmic Mother and receive Her great love
  • Re-awaken the holiness of the Sacred Feminine
  • Clear trauma from the uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes, ovaries
  • Introduction of Maiden, Mother, Crone, Warrior
  • Let go of inappropriate energy of our mothers, children, lovers


Class #2 

  • Learn to cherish your Self
  • Receive a Lemurian song to help heal physical womb and sacral chakra
  • Learn to reclaim and express your Feminine energies again
  • Re-establish safety in Feminine body and expression
  • Activate the Lemurian chakra of the Great Cosmic Mother


Class #3 

  • Begin clearing sexual abuse, rape, abortions, difficult births, sexual discrimination
  • Release responsibility for others
  • Clear throat chakra of hangings, strangling, etc and receive healing chant
  • Receive great, wondrous, sacred Elixir of Life
  • Clear grief, rage, anger


Class #4

  • Remember what it felt like to be honored as women
  • Receive the amazing love of the Great Cosmic Mother
  • Receive Silver Flame of Purification
  • Clear and restructure 2nd chakra
  • Begin gestation and re-birthing process of your new Feminine Self


Class #5

  • Clear collective negative energy from breasts
  • Hear soothing song for breasts
  • Awaken Feminine Warrior Goddess within
  • Suckle from the breasts of the Great Cosmic Mother


Class #6 

  • Re-consecration of the Womb Ceremony
  • Formation of collective Chalice of Light around whole earth 





“This was very powerful. I experienced a deep healing. The energy continues to amplify in my body. It was very moving and there is now more energy or expansion in my sacral chakra. I also experienced a release from my throat chakra. I wasn’t conscious of the need for healing in either of these areas, but it happened anyway, pure grace. Thank you for this amazing light-filled work. I really feel I am growing through this process.” Jean, Illinois, USA



“This was so incredibly beautiful and helpful. I have been holding on to so much that I am now letting go of. So liberating. Thank you, SanRa.”  Barbara, Germany


“I am having some clearing from my breasts, which is very wonderful.”  Diandra, California, USA



“I did not realize that I was still holding on to energies from the witch trials. As this releases, I feel so much more free, much more safe, and I feel my anger melting away.” Sandi, New Mexico, USA



“Thank you sweet sister, I am beyond grateful and honored. Still weeping with joy. I can feel the offerings moving through me into the world. Danni, FL. USA