Lemurian Spirit





(A Sacred Gathering for Women Only)



We are the Feminine Force of Light and transformation! We enter the cauldron of our own sacred feminine power and live from this enlightened power now and forevermore!


In this 3-hour sacred gathering time, we come together to strengthen our feminine essence, mind, body and spirit. We honor ourselves as we step back into the exalted status of our deep and sacred Feminine.

With the help of the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13, we activate the feminine keys of light we hold within our blood, DNA and chakras: from Lemuria, from Avalon, from the stars. We release them into the Earth Feminine Grid System to help elevate all Life on earth.

We are needed and it is time for us to step forth in our divine feminine essence. We are way-showers, re-opening the sacred ways of flow, transformation, creation and deep inner wisdom of the Feminine.

We are safe and it is time to reclaim that safety within. We no longer identify with our perceived weakness, powerlessness, fear, uncleanness, unworthiness, rage, inequality. It is time to break these patterns, to come out of hiding and shine forth in all our glory, beauty, power, strength, love and vision. 

We clear remaining fears, blockages, traumas from past lives as witches, wise woman, herbalists, midwives, oracles and more. We focus on the Warrior (power) and the Crone (wisdom) aspects of the Feminine.

We move deeper than ever before to rebuild, clear and restore the sacred feminine temple of our wombs, sacral and hara chakras. 

All that we have endured as women is not for naught. We come alive again in the full force of our feminine love, light and power to transform the patriarchal structures and set the framework for re-claiming the perfect balance of Feminine and Masculine.

(Look for another workshop in the future that will focus on Feminine/Masculine balance within).