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SALE $140 on select individual sessions. JANUARY 2024. (Limit 1)

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Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13 offers Lemurian energy AND MORE as they channel from their capacity as Photonic Light Beings. Receive help to realize your life purpose through channeled information and energy by the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13. You will be told what star origins or ancient earth civilizations have most influence on your life now. It will be explained how this pertains to your current life purpose. The Priestesses will activate encodements within you and give you a spiritual practice to show you what to do to live your life purpose on earth in this moment. The mysteries of who you are are revealed. 





The Priestesses offer energy to you in a subtle, yet very powerful way for balance, healing, and awakening. We will address your chakras, your energy field, your body, your karma, your spiritual path and focus on what is calling for attention. I have seen some really amazing things happen in these sessions as the Priestesses also act as a bridge for powerful spiritual growth experiences that may be awaiting you.





Speaking through SanRa, one of the 13, the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13 will speak to you about your purpose in Lemuria and how that pertains to your present life purpose. The Priestesses will tell you your Lemurian name and sing it to you; so magical and uplifting. You will receive channeled information, energetic activations, and Lemurian sacred sounds. The Priestesses will help you to remember that depth within that you have been yearning for. A beautiful experience. Visit the Lemuria tab for more information.





Get your questions answered about the lives you lived in Lemuria. SanRa is a certified hypnotherapist and has done many past life regression sessions. Now she is offering past life regressions SPECIFIC TO LEMURIA. These are not channeled sessions but will provide SanRa’s expert guidance to help you find the details of your Lemurian lifetimes that you hold within. Not only will you discover amazing information, but there will be clearing of old unwanted energies and awakening of energies that you do want. Much needed at this time.