Lemurian Spirit

Lemurian Chakra Tones




This is the new REVISED Lemurian 16 chakra tones package. Instead of the previous 15, the new Gateway of the Cosmic Mother Lemurian chakra has been activated. It is so amazing and helps us in our Divine Feminine flow. Enjoy! 
These 16 chakra tones are offered by the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13 for the purpose of opening, activating and clearing the Lemurian 16 chakra system. The tones assist in opening the deep inner Lemurian chambers in each chakra. There is a chakra alignment that takes place when you do the tones that is quite useful to the flow of energy in each chakra and through the chakra column.


The chakras include the major 7 chakras that most of us are familiar with and 9 more that were used in Lemuria and that are becoming opened within us now as our vibrational frequency increases. These are quite unique and powerful in their effect in the chakras, the physical body and the energy bodies in re-awakening our Lemurian essence and wisdom within.


The tones are sung by SanRa and are quite exquisite in their sound quality. You hear the tones as they are sung, and it is recommended that you also learn the tones or sing along so that the vibration of the tones comes from within your own body.


Included are the recordings of the 16 chakra tones, a PDF visual chart with location of the chakras and each chakra tone spelled out. Plus, there is a bonus of 7 Hindu seed sounds for each of the major 7 chakras, also toned by SanRa.