Lemurian Spirit





With SanRa and the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13

(3) 1-hour pre-recorded sessions


We will work with ancestral feminine energies through matrilineal family lines, spiritual traditions, mystery schools, blood lineage, religion, and DNA.

We will clear outdated beliefs, corrupted imprinted beliefs and trauma within the Feminine psyche and the physical body.

We will restore the essence of the Feminine so that we, as women, may feel spiritually confident and able to live from and express our Feminine knowing with ease and grace.

Lemurian Priestesses will offer extensive use of sacred sound to purify and activate.

Trust yourself to become the illuminated Feminine Spirit that you already are!


Session 1: Focus on highest soul purpose of ancestral lines activated beyond time and space. Activate and clear blood lines, DNA, ovaries, rebirthing.

Session 2: Activate and purify mystery school lineages in Egypt, Asia, Tibet, Druid, Avalon, Christianity. Powerful clearing of collective feminine throat chakra.

Session 3: Activate and purify spiritual traditions of Lemuria, Atlantis, Star Nation, tribal energies, whale and dolphin wisdom.