Lemurian Spirit





We will create, cross and anchor this magnificent cosmic bridge of the ultra- illumined light of our new golden age. Series of 3.


The blazing radiance of this multi-dimensional, cosmic bridge, created from the energy of our own cosmic aspects of Self, will release and make available the energies necessary for the next level of anchoring the new golden age on earth in 2023. Using our uplifted potential of 2022, we are propelled forth to greater and greater elevation of our brilliant capacity in the light.


I invite you to join us with your unique offering of Self to take our next wondrous steps in the manifestation of our victorious light on earth. We have been waiting for so long to flow together again in this way and the time is NOW. We come together as one with the Masters and our star sisters and brothers for our greatest Service in the Light! Take your place!


A multitude of Light Beings will assist us in the creation, crossing, and anchoring of this bridge from our great growth of unlimited potential in 2022 to the manifestation of our magnificent heightened energies into 2023.


I so hope you will join us for this wondrous and powerful series of 3 channelled group sessions.\


12-12-22. We will create the bridge with our own I AM PRESENCES and the help of Melchizedek, the HoKashaTa Miliew (Omniversal Masters), and many other Beings of Light.


12-21-22 (solstice). We will cross the bridge with our own I AM PRESENCES in a greater light potential than ever before. Assisting us will be The Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13, the Star Betelgeuse and, select Arcturian Masters.


1-11-23. We will anchor the incredible light energy for our new golden age with our own I AM PRESENCES and the help of our earth Masters, Masters from other planets, Lady Venus, Lady Ho-An (our feminine solar logos) and many others.


OFFERED BY: SanRa Mecanta Lash Tei

DATES: 12-12-22 and 12-21-22 and 1-11-23 (series of 3). RECORDINGS PROVIDED.

TIME: 11:00am MOUNTAIN TIME on each date