What Is Lemuria?


Widespread myths and legends, the most ancient texts in the Far East, writings on stone in Central America, and esoteric sources (inner secret knowledge of the initiated) all describe a land of considerable size that was once above the surface in the Pacific Ocean. During its long history, this missing country has acquired a variety of names; sacred Tibetan texts remember it as “Ra-Mu”; inscriptions on the American continents refer to it as the “lost Motherland of Mu”; and Edgar Cayce, who had access to the Akashic Records, names it “Muri” or “Lemuria”. From the book Lemuria and Atlantis by Shirley Andrews.


“Lemuria is a land that imagination forgot. Many will speak of it as legend or as fantasy or even as mythology. However, Lemuria was real in the physical fact, in the physical world. But it will be never be conclusively proven to be so.” -Lazaris


There are varying dates that Lemuria was believed to exist, some ranging back as far as 400,000 B.C. and to about 10,000 B.C. Some say it existed before Atlantis; some say Lemuria and Atlantis co-existed for part of the time. Lemuria is generally believed to have existed in the Pacific Ocean as far north as the Hawaiian Islands, east to Easter Island, south to New Zealand, and west to the Maldive Islands. Some believe the continent of Lemuria was destroyed by geological and wheather conditions. Others believe that there was a war with Atlantis, dark entities or a general spiritual fall. Many believe that when the continent collapsed that many Lemurians spread to other parts of the world and even to the city of Tellos under current day Mount Shasta in California.


I don’t know the answers to all of these questions, and I may never know these answers. I am not even sure that I need to know all of these answers; the most important part of Lemuria for me being the peaceful way of life and dedication to the Divine Plan that Lemuria represented. What I do know is that I was a Priestess on Lemuria, part of a group of Priestesses, which I like to refer to as my Sisterhood of Lemuria. I know I was very happy, content, fulfilled and peaceful there until the end. There was much devastation and chaos at the end and before I could actually bring through the Priestess Circle of 13 in this life, I had to clear much fear so that I could reawaken. I have been waiting all my life to be able to do this and I feel honored and blessed to be able to help others clear away their fears and find this peace and fulfillment that was the truth of Lemuria as I experienced it. I hope you will join me and together we can bring that peace and happiness and oneness alive again in our current time of transformation on our earth.







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