The Lemurian energy is one of the Divine Feminine principle, transformation, love, peace, joy and one of being in alignment with the Divine Will at all times.


It is one that emphasizes the use of intuition over the thinking mind; one that emphasizes the use of the heart over the thinking mind; one that emphasizes the flow over the linear; one that emphasizes allowing over making things happen.


As we use what we have emphasized what we have listed above, our emphasis is not on doing, but on being in the flow of life, of existing in the process of moving forward in growth on an individual level and on a collective level; inclusive and respectful of all beings upon the earth and the earth itself.


We are very connected to the earth itself and very connected to the waters of the earth, as well as being connected to the higher energy bodies of the earth. We Lemurians might say that we feel more connected to the energy bodies of earth due to the fact that our own individual bodies are made you of the energy bodies of the earth. Our physical bodies were not as physical as yours now on earth, but were more etherial and so almost a part of the earths etherial bodies.


In reading above, it may sound like we did nothing but flow from one activity to the next without any thought or planning and really accomplished nothing. And though there is some truth to this, in our following the divine will within us, we were able to construct a beautiful system of supporting our physical bodies and our spiritual bodies through education, spiritual structure, growing healthy food and developing healing arts when we found that we were out of balance.


One large difference between how we lived and how you live today is that we realized that we were getting out of balance before we actually did become fully out of balance and therefore we were able to employ healing techniques to help ourselves become in balance before our physical bodies were affected to a great extent.


In living this way, we were able to use the energy and the physical energy of the earth to sustain our physical bodies and to work in harmony with the earth so that humans and earth could help each other grow on our spiritual paths.


Since the crisis that came to fruition in Atlantis, the earth has been doing all of the supporting and humans have been doing all of the taking. Both those of us Lemurians that remember how we lived in those ancient times and the earth, remember that this was an ideal way to live and knew that we would return to this at some time in the future. THIS TIME IS NOW.


All Lemurians and many Atlanteans were encoded with this memory of living in harmony and when outside conditions were ripe for the return of this, there would be a signalling that would activate the inner encodements and humans would begin to wake up and remember and to actively seek out new ways to live on planet earth now. This has been happening on earth clearly for a few years and in a less clear way for the past 20-30 years.


On your date of 11-11-11, there are many portals opening through which many elevated energies of light will be able to enter the earth plane. This date is so important not only because of the energy coming through, but because there are so many more humans with the inner activation completing that those humans know what to do with the energy coming through the portals and so it is much more effective than if it was just “floating around in the ethers”.


One of these portals is the return of the Lemurian energy. Now please let us be clear, these portals are outside of your world and most importantly inside of your inner being as well. As the encodements are awakening, your inner being, your knowing being, the part of you that remembers how to live in harmony with others and the earth, the part of you that remembers how it felt to live in the flow of beauty and grace and happiness is reawakened. STOP A MINUTE AND FEEL THIS. YOU REMEMBER….DON’T THINK THIS IS SOME KIND OF FANTASY AND IT CANNOT BE REAL. YOU CAN MAKE IT REAL AND FIND REAL PEACE AND HAPPINESS IN YOUR LIVES. Living with other people does not have to be so difficult, raising your children does not have to be so difficult, making a living as you call if now, does not have to be to difficult. As your encodements are activated, another way to live life on earth emerges from your beings and you return to living in a way that is satisfying and fulfilling on every level of your beings. Imagine it, feel it, open to it.


We, as Lemurian Priestesses, would like to offer you ways to help the encodements to activate in this short time before 11-11-11 and then spend 11-11-11 with you as a great time of celebration and joy. We have given our channel, Mecanta information on how to bring this forth and she will give you the details of when it will be offered.


Our love to you and our excitement at the prospect of living in harmony and happiness again upon the earth.



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