Dear Ones,


I have been doing spiritual healing work with clients for 30 years. I am a Voice Channel for Ascended Masters and Lemurian Priestesses, a Certified Hypnotherapist, and I am trained in Reiki and Johrei energy healing techniques. I absolutely love my work! I feel honored, fulfilled and like I am part of something bigger in service to each of you and humanity. This being said, a few years ago, I was having feelings of something missing in my life and my work. I loved my work with the Ascended Masters, yet it was a masculine presence and I needed the Feminine. I had done much awakening work within my own Sacred Feminine, but I was still not feeling quite whole.


My deep desire for the Feminine was fulfilled in 2011 when the LEMURIAN PRIESTESS CIRCLE OF 13 came to me in meditation and explained that they were a priestess circle that lived in the ancient civilization of Lemuria and that I was one of them. They told me that I was the only one of them still in physical form and that they wanted us to work together again to bring back to the Earth the predominantly feminine Lemurian values of beauty, truth, cooperation, wonder, transformation, and honoring of the Divine in all things. I was overjoyed and my heart was full. I felt complete. To this day, tears well up in me when I talk about it.


Many of my clients and those I speak with are feeling something within that we cannot fully explain; a deep longing, perhaps an unrest, even though our lives may be successful and happy on the outside. Or maybe you feel like you are a bit lost, not quite fitting into your life any longer. This is an opportunity for awakening on a deeper level of you who truly are.


If this resonates with you, you may find an individual Lemurian Priestess session to be transformative in your spiritual growth and empowerment.


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