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Here is another update from my notes about activating vortexes in New Mexico, USA. We are again at Caballo Lake State Park. I visited the farmers field where I originally activated the vortex in the farmer’s field (see 12-17-18 entry). When I looked at the vortex, I saw a line of many vortexes, all activated. It looked to me like a “wall” of vortexes. I was told that these vortexes will connect with other vortexes all around the world. Apparently many vortexes do this. In so doing, there is created a much stronger field of light around the earth.

Often we do not know the full effect of our small actions and so I ask you to know that whatever small acts of kindness, or acts of service to the earth that may seem somewhat insignificant in the moment, may plant seeds for much greater significance . Know this to be true!

Last year on our travels, we were staying at Caballo Lake State Park in New Mexico. We discovered this little gem on the way from home (Albuquerque, NM) to places south that are warmer. It has these amazing trees (see pic below) and is on a quiet river. We have seen small herds of white tail deer, lots sandhill cranes flying in formation with their wonderful unique sound, and of course many cottontail bunnies. We breathe a great sigh of comfort every time we are here, like we have come home again.

I always take walks here and sing to the trees and waters. Last month I discovered there was a vortex on the farmer’s field right next to the park. This I thought was pretty amazing, as I had seen many sandhill cranes feeding there on previous visits. Often we will see that farmer riding his tractor right through the park, which gives him access to his land. I was guided to sing to a rose quartz crystal I had and throw it into the farmers field to activate the vortex. (On the same day, I threw another activated crystal into the river). The vortex immediately reared up in its light. Quite a site to watch. It is not fully activated yet, so I am guided to go sing to it every time we are here. It shows us that vortexes can be anywhere, even where we least expect them, beautiful or not. (see pic below).

On this same visit, I was told that we would be spending a lot of time in New Mexico this year activating vortexes all over the state. New Mexico is a special area. For those unfamiliar, it is called “land of enchantment”. There are beautiful rock formations and I can feel ancient archives of wisdom held in many mountains, mesas and rock formations throughout the state. There is a powerful native american presence here, which is where most of that wisdom has originated and been deposited for safe keeping. Some of it has already been downloaded to me and I am then guided as to where to take it and what to do with it. I am honored to be doing this work.

During my training time with my first teacher, we visited some areas in New Mexico (Navajo land) where I had some initiations from the earth. Very powerful. This was before I lived in New Mexico and now, 35 years later, I continue to work with these energies and grow into the next levels of my service work. I look forward to what is to come and I will share with you as it unfolds.

As many of you read this, I can feel your own activations taking place. Thank you for being present.

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