Lemurian Spirit

As we were driving on Coast Highway 101 north from Encinitas to Newport Beach, I began tuning in to the the ocean (called Big Waters in Lemurian times) work necessary for today. I could feel the Ascended Masters, and perhaps other Beings of Light as well, channelling much energy through me to the Big Waters. It might seem that one person is too “small” to be a conduit for so much energy, but I am told that we individual humans can really bring through a lot of energy if we just open up and surrender. I have been doing this a long time, so I am practiced and expanded. If you are new to this, but you wish to help in this way, you might start with something a small, a stream or pond, or a plant or a tree. Or start doing this with a group until you feel comfortable doing it by yourself.

To continue with the Big Waters, we went off the highway into a marina. A lot of energy was given to the boats in the marina. I was told that this energy would go out with the boats as they went into the Big Waters. The boat occupants would also get this energy to help in awakening their own consciousness.

During the drive, we went past Camp Pendleton, the Navy Base. I am not sure what they do there, but I noticed a big increase of energy moving through my hands during this part of the drive. My hands were positioned is very specific ways to direct the energy appropriately. And it was definitely a lower vibration in this area than in other places on the beach. It is not always our place to know what we are doing with this type of work, but to surrender and be the instrument of service. If you are attached to knowing specifics of what you are doing, then there is some ego involved that needs to be adjusted. I love doing this work and I feel so honored to be a part of the healing of our beloved earth.

Back in Encinitas, I went to Cardiff State Beach for some final work and a good-bye. The big waters seemed much happier. They did not speak to me, but I did sing to them and thank them and honor them. I know you are all helping I can feel your desire to help and I appreciate the messages you have sent me. Whatever you have asked me to do when I am being with the Big Waters, I give the intention. (Try as I may, I cannot remember everything everyone tells me). So please talk with the Big Waters directly. A (or perhaps many) portal has been opened in this work in the past week. Just give intention to send your love and your words to the Big Waters. It will get through. I thank all of you for your caring and your participation. Your love makes such a difference.

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Moonlight Beach, Encinitas, CA

I sat with the ocean. The waters did not speak to me like they did yesterday. I allowed myself to be a portal or a
Bridge and felt much loving and supportive energy come from people to the ocean. It was quite beautiful. I then saw what I understood to be the water Deva of the area. Then I saw many water devas in a line far out into the ocean . They seemed to me to be funneling this loving energy into the ocean.

I am told that there was inter dimensional communication from the message that the waters gave me yesterday to humans (in their higher selves or inter dimensional aspects). I was fascinated and so happy that
such communication exists. Without me saying a word physically, the need of the waters was conveyed and answered with love and support.

I am told that this was one way of communication in Lemuria . In some situations it could be telepathic, from mind to mind. In some situations it was not from the thinking mind, but flowed inter dimensionally. Because this happens outside of our thinking mind experience, we may not always know it is happening. As we practice more, we may be more aware that something is happening on others levels, and we may begin to gave more clarity about it.

MESSAGE FROM Beacons Beach. Encinitas, CA

Ocean: We are sad.

SanRa: We? Ocean itself, or beings within the ocean?

O: we are not respected and we wish to have a good relationship again with humans. There was a time when the waters and the humans lived in harmony and understanding. We wish to have that again. How can we find peace with you And be happy together? What has happened that you do not wish a peaceful and deep connection with us? What can we do to gain your trust again? Many of the water energies are contemplating what will help our relationship with humans. Can you help us? (they ask this of me, SanRa).

S: I tell them that I am sorry that our relationship is not one of peace and harmony like it used to be. I tell them that many do feel close to the waters and love and respect them. I tell them I don’t know how to answer their question about being close to humanity again. I tell them that I am sorry we have hurt them and I will share their message. Through my tears, I try to open my heart even more to show that there are many that love and honor the waters, there are many that feel their essence deeply. I tell them that I will come again and will listen and will share their message. I tell them that I am sorry . I tell them that I don’t know what else to do, but that I will continue to listen and spread whatever messages they give me. I love you Waters, I appreciate and honor you Waters, I can bring to you energy of many others that also honor and love you waters. I thank you for speaking to me in this way.

Here is another update from my notes about activating vortexes in New Mexico, USA. We are again at Caballo Lake State Park. I visited the farmers field where I originally activated the vortex in the farmer’s field (see 12-17-18 entry). When I looked at the vortex, I saw a line of many vortexes, all activated. It looked to me like a “wall” of vortexes. I was told that these vortexes will connect with other vortexes all around the world. Apparently many vortexes do this. In so doing, there is created a much stronger field of light around the earth.

Often we do not know the full effect of our small actions and so I ask you to know that whatever small acts of kindness, or acts of service to the earth that may seem somewhat insignificant in the moment, may plant seeds for much greater significance . Know this to be true!

I am again driving to my favorite walking place in the Sonoran desert. This is one or two days after the request went out for help to keep the energy pure. The mountain Guardians are very grateful. They can already feel the energy that you all are sending and are distributing it to each other, ( as mountain peaks) by way of the mountain peaks. And this is going much beyond Tucson. As you all know mountains are connected by how they beam energy from their own peaks to other peaks. These energies are now being beamed into the native lands, the Tohono O’odham native peoples of the area, and they move it into the earth. Whether this is conscious or not, this is what I’m being shown. Thank you very much. The mountain guardians send back their blessings to all of you.

I also want to remind everyone, that is we do this work with the earth, it is service work, and for many it helps balance their karma. We do not have karma with the earth, but doing service work to help the earth helps to balance any karma you may have had in the past with taking inappropriate action Against the earth. We’re making choices from your ego, selfish self, in this lifetime or past lifetimes. I am told that not honoring the earth can create karma.

When I was driving to my favorite walking spot in the Sonoran Desert a few days ago, I felt some of the peaks of the low mountain range that encircles this part of the desert calling to me. They introduced me to the Mountain Guardians of the area.

They told me today on my way home from my walk that there is such an influx of people, housing, energy that they would like some help to keep the energy pure. This area houses the Saguaro National Monument on the west side of Tuscon and Tuscon Mountain Park, so nothing can be built right here, but over the years there has been much building right on the outskirts. And now they have really widened the main road, Ajo Way, to the south, so I am sure more building is planned.

I asked how to help, and they said just to lend your energy. So I invite you all to offer your love and energy to all of the mountain peaks and throughout the area. This can be continued until you feel your part is done. They are very appreciative of all the help we can give. As this call has just gone out on Facebook, I can already feel an energetic BLANKET OF LOVE AND LIGHT OVER THE AREA. THANK YOU ALL!!!

Some of you may remember when I was told a couple of years ago that I was to spread the energy from the Saguaros to the Redwoods and to the Sequoias to help bring together the flow of energies on the earth that had been severed. The saguaros hold very special energy, so I feel honored to assist them however and whenever I can.

I have heard from some of you that you have recently visited or that you will be visiting. Although we can help from afar, it is especially helpful to do this “in person”. The Guardians thank you deeply.

In this moment we are in Tucson, AZ. We have been through a few days of below freezing weather, so have been plugged in with electricity at a beautiful place in the heart of the Sonoran desert, called Gilbert Ray Campground.

Many years ago, when I was in my late 20s, I was traveling in the Southwest region of the United States and I ended up in Tucson and the Sonoran desert for a short while. I was sleeping in my car and sleeping in the campground. At that point I was afraid of snakes in the desert, so I was sleeping in my sleeping bag on top of the picnic table in the campground. Never having heard (or even seen a coyote), I was completely freaked out when the coyotes started in with their eerie yipping sounds as they communicated with each other. Perhaps it was after that, that I slept in my car in a place I wasn’t supposed to be. I remember being suddenly awakened in the middle of the night by a county sheriff shining his extremely bright light into my eyes. He was more concerned about my safety than anything else, yet it was quite unnerving. I did not sleep there again.

During my stay, I attended a psychic fair in the area. Here I met a woman, Heather, who was doing Palm readings. She did not look at my hand; she ran her hand over my palm and told me I would have “star babies“. She told me some other things I can’t quite remember. It did not come to full fruition; I have only 1 star baby (who I am blessed to have in my life). In this process she invited me to stay at her home in the Yaqui reservation. She was a white woman that was married to the chief of the Yaqui tribe. I learned later he was a powerful sorcerer in the light.

I was very honored to have this invitation. She simply told me to come to the only purple house that was on the reservation land. We decided what day and that I would be there for three days. I did not directly meet her husband, whose name I cannot remember now, but I felt the intense penetration of his deep, almost black eyes. It put a shudder through me. I had not really stepped on my path yet, so I was unfamiliar with this kind of energy. I was safe, but very unnerved.

Heather saw something in me that she knew needed to be awakened. She planted seeds, I am sure. She showed me around some of their land and when I left I know I was changed. For many years after that, my star baby and I went to Tucson every year to camp in the Sonoran desert. I would be guided to drive through the Yaqui tribal land spreading the energy of Orion. This helped the earth, and maybe the tribal peoples, in whatever way was appropriate. I never knew exactly what I was doing, I just surrendered to my guidance.

Now, as we stay for a few days in the casino parking lot on the Yaqui land, I am deeply honored to have had that experience. I was told by Heather, that her husband had singlehandedly procured this land for the Yaqui people from the US government, which I am sure was no easy feat. But then he was a powerful sorcerer, wanting only the best for his people. Now, there is a casino on the land. As I drive through the residential area of the Yaqui tribe, I see the major improvements in education and health care that have been made as a result of this casino. We do not gamble in the casino, but I hope that our presence here continues to assist in any way that is in the highest good.

Last year on our travels, we were staying at Caballo Lake State Park in New Mexico. We discovered this little gem on the way from home (Albuquerque, NM) to places south that are warmer. It has these amazing trees (see pic below) and is on a quiet river. We have seen small herds of white tail deer, lots sandhill cranes flying in formation with their wonderful unique sound, and of course many cottontail bunnies. We breathe a great sigh of comfort every time we are here, like we have come home again.

I always take walks here and sing to the trees and waters. Last month I discovered there was a vortex on the farmer’s field right next to the park. This I thought was pretty amazing, as I had seen many sandhill cranes feeding there on previous visits. Often we will see that farmer riding his tractor right through the park, which gives him access to his land. I was guided to sing to a rose quartz crystal I had and throw it into the farmers field to activate the vortex. (On the same day, I threw another activated crystal into the river). The vortex immediately reared up in its light. Quite a site to watch. It is not fully activated yet, so I am guided to go sing to it every time we are here. It shows us that vortexes can be anywhere, even where we least expect them, beautiful or not. (see pic below).

On this same visit, I was told that we would be spending a lot of time in New Mexico this year activating vortexes all over the state. New Mexico is a special area. For those unfamiliar, it is called “land of enchantment”. There are beautiful rock formations and I can feel ancient archives of wisdom held in many mountains, mesas and rock formations throughout the state. There is a powerful native american presence here, which is where most of that wisdom has originated and been deposited for safe keeping. Some of it has already been downloaded to me and I am then guided as to where to take it and what to do with it. I am honored to be doing this work.

During my training time with my first teacher, we visited some areas in New Mexico (Navajo land) where I had some initiations from the earth. Very powerful. This was before I lived in New Mexico and now, 35 years later, I continue to work with these energies and grow into the next levels of my service work. I look forward to what is to come and I will share with you as it unfolds.

As many of you read this, I can feel your own activations taking place. Thank you for being present.

These earth service work bulletins will continue to be provided at no charge. If you are called, a donation of any amount will help with travel costs and is greatly appreciated. Namaste.




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