About Us


SanRa is a Lemurian High Priestess and is part of the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13. She offers channeled group and individual sessions with this Lemurian Priestess Circle. She is a member of the Grand Teton Guiding Council, a cosmic council which guides earth and humanity on their evolutionary paths. SanRa has recently stepped into her role as Lady of Betelguese, and is taking her initiations as a Star Lord Master and Cosmic Guardian. She is a Certified Hypnotherapist and has been doing spiritual healing work with clients for 30 years. SanRa works with Star Beings, Ascended Masters, Angels and Councils of Light throughout the cosmos. She is dedicated to helping us move forward on our spiritual paths and re-establishing paradise on earth in our new Golden Age.



We offer group and individual opportunities for spiritual growth and transformation with the intention of reviving the Lemurian way of life on our planet NOW. Let us live again in beauty, love, compassion, peace, unity, abundance, ease and grace. Let us transform ourselves and our world to live in harmony with all beings.


Remembering your Lemurian purpose, elevated spiritual growth, deep emotional healing, ascension guidance and energetic enhancement are among the offerings we have for you.


We address the need and desire to expand our collective and individual awareness so that we can become all that we intended ourselves to be when we entered this life and to be all we are capable of on every level of our Being.


“We, the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13, invite you to join us to begin or deepen your sacred journey. You are needed now, more than ever before. We welcome you with open hearts in a place where blessings abound. Join us, Beloved Hearts. Let us envelop you with our deepest love and grace.”


Thank you,