Lemurian Spirit

January 29, 2019

Moonlight Beach, Encinitas, CA

I sat with the ocean. The waters did not speak to me like they did yesterday. I allowed myself to be a portal or a
Bridge and felt much loving and supportive energy come from people to the ocean. It was quite beautiful. I then saw what I understood to be the water Deva of the area. Then I saw many water devas in a line far out into the ocean . They seemed to me to be funneling this loving energy into the ocean.

I am told that there was inter dimensional communication from the message that the waters gave me yesterday to humans (in their higher selves or inter dimensional aspects). I was fascinated and so happy that
such communication exists. Without me saying a word physically, the need of the waters was conveyed and answered with love and support.

I am told that this was one way of communication in Lemuria . In some situations it could be telepathic, from mind to mind. In some situations it was not from the thinking mind, but flowed inter dimensionally. Because this happens outside of our thinking mind experience, we may not always know it is happening. As we practice more, we may be more aware that something is happening on others levels, and we may begin to gave more clarity about it.




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