Lemurian Spirit

January 28, 2019

MESSAGE FROM Beacons Beach. Encinitas, CA

Ocean: We are sad.

SanRa: We? Ocean itself, or beings within the ocean?

O: we are not respected and we wish to have a good relationship again with humans. There was a time when the waters and the humans lived in harmony and understanding. We wish to have that again. How can we find peace with you And be happy together? What has happened that you do not wish a peaceful and deep connection with us? What can we do to gain your trust again? Many of the water energies are contemplating what will help our relationship with humans. Can you help us? (they ask this of me, SanRa).

S: I tell them that I am sorry that our relationship is not one of peace and harmony like it used to be. I tell them that many do feel close to the waters and love and respect them. I tell them I don’t know how to answer their question about being close to humanity again. I tell them that I am sorry we have hurt them and I will share their message. Through my tears, I try to open my heart even more to show that there are many that love and honor the waters, there are many that feel their essence deeply. I tell them that I will come again and will listen and will share their message. I tell them that I am sorry . I tell them that I don’t know what else to do, but that I will continue to listen and spread whatever messages they give me. I love you Waters, I appreciate and honor you Waters, I can bring to you energy of many others that also honor and love you waters. I thank you for speaking to me in this way.




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