Lemurian Spirit

January 23, 2019

Here is another update from my notes about activating vortexes in New Mexico, USA. We are again at Caballo Lake State Park. I visited the farmers field where I originally activated the vortex in the farmer’s field (see 12-17-18 entry). When I looked at the vortex, I saw a line of many vortexes, all activated. It looked to me like a “wall” of vortexes. I was told that these vortexes will connect with other vortexes all around the world. Apparently many vortexes do this. In so doing, there is created a much stronger field of light around the earth.

Often we do not know the full effect of our small actions and so I ask you to know that whatever small acts of kindness, or acts of service to the earth that may seem somewhat insignificant in the moment, may plant seeds for much greater significance . Know this to be true!




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