Lemurian Spirit

January 11, 2019

When I was driving to my favorite walking spot in the Sonoran Desert a few days ago, I felt some of the peaks of the low mountain range that encircles this part of the desert calling to me. They introduced me to the Mountain Guardians of the area.

They told me today on my way home from my walk that there is such an influx of people, housing, energy that they would like some help to keep the energy pure. This area houses the Saguaro National Monument on the west side of Tuscon and Tuscon Mountain Park, so nothing can be built right here, but over the years there has been much building right on the outskirts. And now they have really widened the main road, Ajo Way, to the south, so I am sure more building is planned.

I asked how to help, and they said just to lend your energy. So I invite you all to offer your love and energy to all of the mountain peaks and throughout the area. This can be continued until you feel your part is done. They are very appreciative of all the help we can give. As this call has just gone out on Facebook, I can already feel an energetic BLANKET OF LOVE AND LIGHT OVER THE AREA. THANK YOU ALL!!!

Some of you may remember when I was told a couple of years ago that I was to spread the energy from the Saguaros to the Redwoods and to the Sequoias to help bring together the flow of energies on the earth that had been severed. The saguaros hold very special energy, so I feel honored to assist them however and whenever I can.

I have heard from some of you that you have recently visited or that you will be visiting. Although we can help from afar, it is especially helpful to do this “in person”. The Guardians thank you deeply.




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