Lemurian Spirit

January 5th, 2019

In this moment we are in Tucson, AZ. We have been through a few days of below freezing weather, so have been plugged in with electricity at a beautiful place in the heart of the Sonoran desert, called Gilbert Ray Campground.

Many years ago, when I was in my late 20s, I was traveling in the Southwest region of the United States and I ended up in Tucson and the Sonoran desert for a short while. I was sleeping in my car and sleeping in the campground. At that point I was afraid of snakes in the desert, so I was sleeping in my sleeping bag on top of the picnic table in the campground. Never having heard (or even seen a coyote), I was completely freaked out when the coyotes started in with their eerie yipping sounds as they communicated with each other. Perhaps it was after that, that I slept in my car in a place I wasn’t supposed to be. I remember being suddenly awakened in the middle of the night by a county sheriff shining his extremely bright light into my eyes. He was more concerned about my safety than anything else, yet it was quite unnerving. I did not sleep there again.

During my stay, I attended a psychic fair in the area. Here I met a woman, Heather, who was doing Palm readings. She did not look at my hand; she ran her hand over my palm and told me I would have “star babies“. She told me some other things I can’t quite remember. It did not come to full fruition; I have only 1 star baby (who I am blessed to have in my life). In this process she invited me to stay at her home in the Yaqui reservation. She was a white woman that was married to the chief of the Yaqui tribe. I learned later he was a powerful sorcerer in the light.

I was very honored to have this invitation. She simply told me to come to the only purple house that was on the reservation land. We decided what day and that I would be there for three days. I did not directly meet her husband, whose name I cannot remember now, but I felt the intense penetration of his deep, almost black eyes. It put a shudder through me. I had not really stepped on my path yet, so I was unfamiliar with this kind of energy. I was safe, but very unnerved.

Heather saw something in me that she knew needed to be awakened. She planted seeds, I am sure. She showed me around some of their land and when I left I know I was changed. For many years after that, my star baby and I went to Tucson every year to camp in the Sonoran desert. I would be guided to drive through the Yaqui tribal land spreading the energy of Orion. This helped the earth, and maybe the tribal peoples, in whatever way was appropriate. I never knew exactly what I was doing, I just surrendered to my guidance.

Now, as we stay for a few days in the casino parking lot on the Yaqui land, I am deeply honored to have had that experience. I was told by Heather, that her husband had singlehandedly procured this land for the Yaqui people from the US government, which I am sure was no easy feat. But then he was a powerful sorcerer, wanting only the best for his people. Now, there is a casino on the land. As I drive through the residential area of the Yaqui tribe, I see the major improvements in education and health care that have been made as a result of this casino. We do not gamble in the casino, but I hope that our presence here continues to assist in any way that is in the highest good.




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